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Founded in September 2022 by Incomera d.o.o., a media company behind Fiction Horizon and Comic Basics, Game Horizon is your go-to place for all things game-related, whether it be step-by-step guides, simple tips and tricks, top gaming mod lists, and much more. This is an all-inclusive hotspot for any gaming enthusiast regardless of genre or playstyle preferences, irrespective of whether you’re into legendary fantasy gaming sagas, action-packed adventure games, horror and thriller titles, or anything in between. 

There are tons of heavily researched articles dedicated to gamers and gaming titles from all backgrounds, with the intention of creating a diverse space for gaming enthusiasts and fans regardless of your preferred gaming platform as well. There’s no judgment here – PC, console, and mobile gamers are all equal and deserve the stellar gaming content they need to make the best possible choices for their beloved pastime. 

What is our expertise?

We cover all of the infamous and most iconic gaming titles that have graced our screens over the past few years, such as Minecraft, Diablo, FIFA, GTA, Elden Ring, Fortnite, and much more (here is the complete list of all games we cover). But, we are also dedicated to providing avid gaming fans with everything they need to know about brand new releases, niche indie games created by smaller developing teams, popular tabletop games, and upcoming gaming titles as well – the list is endless! 

As with all things gaming, getting a comprehensive analysis of different games and the experience that they offer relies quite a lot on the game developers’ creations as well as the community that enjoys different titles. Game Horizon’s content intends to highlight gamers and the community’s experiences as much as possible to give you the best of both worlds – classic gaming Metas as well as the gritty details that often go unheard. 

In addition to covering the most infamous gaming topics out there, Game Horizon specializes in answering some of the most pressing questions that gaming fans have – not to mention topics that are often shrouded by speculation and debate. We have a diverse team of experienced writers and editors who are all long-time gaming fanatics in their own personal lives as well, diving into an infinite list of unique titles on a daily basis. 

Our article database includes tons of topics that are designed to help you out through your gaming journey. You will find a spread of information on veteran game franchises as well as fresh out-of-the-box gaming titles, topped with on-the-pulse updates and teasers that will help you stay up to date on all things gaming. 

Stuck trying to pick between similar versions of a game? Not sure which is the best class and build for your character? Have you been scouring forums and threads in search of solid add-ons and even possible fixes to odd gaming bugs and errors? Game Horizon has you covered.

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