Are There Pokémon Centers in Pokémon GO? (& How to Heal & Revive Your Pokémon)

Are There Pokémon Centers in Pokémon Go? (& How To Heal & Revive Your Pokémon)

Pokémon GO is still very immersive and an interesting game. With the addition of raids, Poké battles, and other cool features, Pokémon GO remains relevant. Players are trying to become the best Pokémon trainers in the world, or at least their region, and after a hard battle, they are trying to prepare their Pokémon for the next battle. In this article, we will discuss if there are Pokémon Centers in Pokémon GO and find other ways to heal and revive your Pokémon.

There are no Pokémon Centers in the Pokémon GO game. The developers did not add the feature to the Pokémon GO game as the traditional Pokémon games had. Regardless, Pokémon GO has another way of healing your Pokémon – you need to either buy Pokémon potions in the store or earn them by “spinning” in the PokéStops. To revive Pokémon, you need special items called Revive. 

We will discuss this topic further by discussing the Pokémon buildings and their usage and explaining the importance of Pokémon consumables. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

What kind of buildings are in Pokémon GO?

Compared to traditional Pokémon games, Pokémon GO does not have that many buildings because players usually walk around the map trying to catch Pokémon and gain experience. Only two Pokémon buildings are displayed on the map – PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms.

PokéStops are used for “spinning” the wheel, gaining awards, and discovering cool locations. When players spin the wheel, they gain cool gifts and Berries that could be sent to fellow Pokémon friends. PokéStops are usually refreshing after 5 minutes, and they are usually displayed in the blue color.

PokéStops are not used as Pokémon centers, and a player cannot store any Pokémon there. Other buildings that are displayed on the map are Pokémon Gyms. They are used for Pokémon battles, and players can battle against rival players and Pokémon to take over the Gym for their team.

Are There Pokémon Centers in Pokémon Go? (& How To Heal & Revive Your Pokémon)

The Gym is usually displayed in four different colors – three colors display each team, and neutral Gyms are there for the taking. The size of the Gym towers determines how powerful and prestige the Gym is. The more prestige the Gym has, the more trainers can store their Pokémon to defend the Gym.

These two buildings are the most important stops in the Pokémon GO game. Now, let’s discuss if Pokémon centers-like buildings exist in Pokémon GO.

Are there Pokémon centers in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, Pokémon centers do not exist in Pokémon GO. The lack of centers was not necessarily an issue for the players. Still, the addition of multiple battles, like Team Rocket battles, and increased demand for the potions and revives in the game caused players to demand a Pokémon center building where they can heal their Pokémon.

Here is a personal example – after months of grinding experience, spinning the wheel at PokéStops, and exchanging gifts with my friends, I had over fifty Potions, that included Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions, and over forty Revives in my inventory. After leveling up enough to finally battle with other Trainers and Pokémon, my inventory got more scarce with each battle.

I also realized that battling the Team Rocket, Grunts, and opposing Trainers, demanded more Potions, Revives, and other consumables. Of course, players will say to you that you need to win battles to get back the resources you spent in the battles, but you cannot win every single battle – Pokémon need to heal and wake up.

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So no, there are no Pokémon centers in the Pokémon GO game, and some players threw a few suggestions on how to add these buildings. One Reddit thread brought up great points, with one user suggesting that Pokémon center-like buildings should be added as IRL buildings – government buildings, hospitals, big cultural monuments, and others.

Pokémon centers are really needed in Pokémon GO since there is so much content regarding battles and raids. Some players cannot afford to spend real-life money on virtual currency for reviving and healing potions. Traditional Pokémon games have established Pokémon centers for decades, so adding them to Pokémon GO would not be an odd commodity.

Unfortunately, it seems we will wait and see if the Pokémon center of some sort will get added to the game.

How to heal and revive your Pokémon?

As we already mentioned, the lack of Pokémon centers requires players to use other ways to heal and revive their Pokémon after a hard battle.

There are various Potions one can use to heal their Pokémon – regular Potions, Super, Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions that are healing the Pokémon specific amount. For example, Hyper Potion is a spray-type medicine that restores the HP of one Pokémon by 200 points.

Are There Pokémon Centers in Pokémon Go? (& How To Heal & Revive Your Pokémon)
Max Revives and Potions can be quite expensive.

To use the item to heal your Pokémon, press the PokéBall in the bottom middle of your screen, go to Items, and click on the displayed injured Pokémon. Every type of Potion works that way and heals your Pokémon.

Even the most skilled Pokémon Trainers lose a fight against their opponents, and their Pokémon end up unconscious after they get beaten. Of course, you can revive them by once again clicking on the PokéBall at the bottom of your screen, going to the Items section, and clicking on the Revive consumables. The Pokémon that are unconscious will appear on your screen.

Are There Pokémon Centers in Pokémon Go? (& How To Heal & Revive Your Pokémon)
To use the items, just click on them and apply them to your injured Pokémon.

Now, the regular Revive consumable revives your Pokémon but does not heal them up to the maximum health. Max Revive, besides reviving your Pokémon, also heals your Pokémon to the maximum health. Max Revive is more expensive than the regular one and harder to acquire than the regular one.

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Once again, the system is the same – click on the item and revive and heal the unconscious Pokémon.

Consumables are important for the state and wellbeing of your Pokémon, so always tread carefully with your resources – it also helps if you have a lot of friends to exchange gifts and acquire these valuable items.

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