Arrow Glitch in Skyrim Explained: Here’s How To Get Infinite Arrows

Arrow Glitch in Skyrim Explained Heres How to Get Infinite Arrows

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There are plenty of weapons and spells at your disposal in Skyrim, and while some people prefer to deal their blows with blades and willpower, some prefer to skulk in the shadows, relying on bows and crossbows alike to take down their opponents. One disadvantage of ranged weaponry has always been ammunition, especially if you’re struggling to find or craft arrows of the highest quality. If you’re often fidning yourself running out of arrows in the worst possible moments, this guide is for you. Let’s see how to get infinite arrows in Skyrim. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can get infinite arrows in Skyrim by exploiting the inventory mechanism of other NPCs, including your followers. 
  • Placing an arrow of a certain type (any type, really) in the follower’s inventory will cause that NPC to fire that type of arrow indefinitely, no matter the quantity that you’ve given it. 
  • As soon as your follower or any other NPC fires the arrow and it falls to the ground, missing its shot, you can collect the arrow.

You can get infinite arrows in Skyrim by abusing NPC inventory

Through various mechanics in the game, you have access to NPC inventory. Primarily, if the NPC in your question is not your follower, you can gain access to the NPC inventory by attempting to pickpocket it. 

Through Pickpocketing, you can remove the items or add them. The chances depend on your own skills in Pickpocketing and any additional perks that might affect your odds. 

So, how is adding arrows to the NPC inventory going to help you gain more arrows? It’s simple. Let’s take your followers as an example.

Your follower has iron arrows in its inventory. Iron arrows are of poor quality and generally regarded as providing the least amount of damage in the game. If you give your follower arrows of the better type, for example, elven arrows, your follower will automatically equip those arrows and start shooting them at the targets because those types of arrows provide better damage. The same goes for any type of gear, really, as your followers and NPCs, in general, do have a good idea of what type of gear increases their odds of winning a fight. 

practice range skyrim

Placing a single ebony arrow in your follower’s inventory will cause them to use that type of ammunition for as long as ebony arrows aren’t replaced with a better type of ammunition. But how is this possible if you place a single arrow in their inventory? 

Well, it’s a bug, obviously, as that single arrow shouldn’t have such a game-breaking quality. Bethesda never addressed this bug, but if you’re using Unofficial Skyrim Patch, chances are it’s been fixed. 


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Getting Infinite arrows in Skyrim – step by step guide 

Getting an infinite arrow is relatively easy in any version of the game as long as the bug is present in the game. To get infinite arrows, follow these steps. 

  1. Prepare a single arrow of any type that you want to use, but take into account that it needs to be better than the ammunition your follower currently has equipped. 
  2. Gain access to the inventory of that NPC through dialogue or Pickpocketing. 
  3. Remove any types of arrows that you come across if you’re able, and replace them with the arrow of your choice. It’s not necessary to remove the arrows at all, but it increases your odds of getting your arrow selected just in case the system gets bugged and your follower gets stuck with its default iron arrows and hunting bow. 
  4.  Wait for your followers to start using up arrows, watch where the arrows land, and collect them before they despawn. 

This glitch works for any type of arrow and even on cross bolts. In some cases, the single arrow that you’ve placed in the NPC’s inventory despawns after some time, or the follower simply uses it up. It generally works like 80 % of the time. It’s not something that you should rely on for a steady source of ammunition, however. Especially if you’re planning on exploring some deep and extensive cave systems or Dwemer ruins, in that case, it’s better to be prepared. 

skyrim stalhrim arrows

This glitch also comes in handy if you’re early in the game and you manage to get your hands on some ebony arrows. At that point in the game, ebony arrows are in short supply, and you might not be able to craft them due to a lack of perks necessary. You can always turn those initial few ebony arrows into a few hundred arrows if you have enough time and patience. 

What is the best location for performing an infinite arrow glitch? 

The best location to test the infinite arrow glitch is definitely Castle Dour Courtyard in Solitude. There are a couple of guards and targets in the courtyard who practice archery extensively during the day. You can pickpocket the guards and replace their ammunition with your own while they are sleeping (or during the day if your Pickpocket skill is high enough). 

castle dour solitude practice range

As soon as you’ve replaced their gear, come back while they are practicing and simply collect all the arrows that they shoot into straw targets. Any type of location that has practice targets and plenty of archers around will do, but it’s best to do this in a secure location in which you don’t have to think about other potential dangers. 

You can always replace the arrows of enemy NPCs as well, but the trick is to dodge their shots as fast as possible but slow enough so you have enough time to collect the arrows. 


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