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Petra Pralica has been a content writer for over three years and is based in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied economics in high school and went to college to get her English language and literature degree but decided against proceeding with her studies after three years since an opportunity arose for her to work as a content writer full-time. Petra’s interests span wide, which is clear from her content writing history. She spent around a year and a half writing content about animals and animal products for Petovly, making sure to educate people about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, especially when it comes to non-traditional pets like parrots, rats, and ferrets. Then she went on to write about all things related to kitchens. After that affair ended, she educated herself on advertising through social media and search engines. Still, she decided to postpone a career change for the future since she got the opportunity to write about another one of her old passions: games. Whether it’s a board game or a video game, Petra will play it. She’s more into the old-school games she used to play on her PS1 and PS2 and her old computer brick. After video games went online and started to focus more on the PvP aspect like many MOBAs and battle royale games do, she decided to stick to her guns but in a different format. Nowadays, she mostly plays games where she can write out a story or live through a story on the PC screen. Part of the reason she likes League of Legends so much is because of the game’s lore, and part of the reason she enjoys Minecraft so much is that you are free to do whatever you want and write out your own story. She’d spend hours in high school playing games like Skyrim, GTA San Andreas, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Crash Twin Sanity, and Assasin’s Creed. This is a salad of genres, but they all have one thing in common: they all tell a story. Although Petra likes to live in fantasy worlds and fantasize about how epic it would be to live out her life through these alternate worlds, her writing isn’t all that creative and imaginative. She’ll write about facts and try to make things easier to understand and figure out. Of course, she’ll never pass up on an opportunity to write about her favorite characters and why they’d win or lose in a fight with a character from a different universe. She will give you direct answers to all of your questions and then present you with a bunch of if’s, but’s, and what if’s. After all, she can’t completely let go of her creative and imaginative nature.


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