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We’ve already analyzed several types of gears and tools in Terraria, and most of those guides were oriented toward utility. In today’s guide, we’re going to focus on something more useful when you find yourself in sticky situations. We’re going to rank the best armors in Terraria mobile, both pre-hardmode armors, and hardmode armors. Let’s see what are the best armors in Terraria on mobile platforms. 

Editor’s Note: this list has been updated to include the best armor that the game has to offer. The list remains largely unchanged when compared to the last year’s due to the lack of item-related updates.

Best Armors in Terraria Mobile on pre-hardmode 

5. Shadow Armor 

Shadow armor is the second-best armor on Terraria mobile for melee-oriented players. The whole set consists of a Shadow helmet, Shadow Scalemail, and Shadow greaves. The armor is powerful enough to provide you with 19 points of defense and an extra effect that gives you a 15 % boost to movement speed. 

Ancient Shadow Armor
Shadow armor

To craft a full set of Shadow armor you’re going to need a minimum of 60x Demonite bars and 45x Shadow scale pieces. If you’re stunned by the amount of material needed to craft it, it really means that you need to defeat Eater of Worlds at least twice to acquire enough Demonite bars and Shadow scale pieces needed. 

If you decide to replace some pieces of Shadow armor with Ancient Shadow armor, you’re going to be able to keep the movement speed bonus but the special afterimage animation will be gone. 

4. Fossil Armor 

Next up, we have Fossil armor. Fossil armor is the best pre-hardmode armor for ranged-oriented players since it provides you with a 20 % chance that your next ranged hit will not consume any ammo and a 50 % chances that your next thrown hit will not consume the thrown item. It’s a pretty powerful armor set before you unlock Hardmode’s endless quiver. 

Fossil armor
Fossil armor

Fossil armor consists of a Fossil helmet, a Fossil plate, and Fossil greaves. 

To create Fossil armor you’re going to need 60x sturdy fossils

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3. Ancient Cobalt Armor 

The best armor on Terraria mobile for magic-oriented players on mobile is Ancient Cobalt armor. This armor set provides you with 17 points of defense and a powerful bonus that involves 16 % reduced mana usage. Ancient Cobalt armor cannot be crafted like our previous armor, instead, it needs to be acquired through looting Hornets and Man-Eaters in the jungle biome. 

Cobalt armor
Ancient Cobar armor

The good news though is that Ancient Cobalt armor can be mixed with pieces of Jungle armor and it will still provide the same powerful bonus. 

2. Obsidian Armor 

While it doesn’t provide the most defense points, Obsidian armor provides you with powerful summoning bonuses and hence can be considered the best armor for summoners in Terraria mobile. 

obsidian armor
Obsidian armor

Obsidian armor gives you two whips-related bonuses; it gives you a 30 % increased whip range and a 15 % increased whip speed. It also gives you one bonus summoning slot and increased minion damage.

Obsidian Armor can be crafted with 60x Obsidian, 30x Silk, and 20x Shadow scales. Shadow scales can be replaced with tissue samples dropped from Creepers.

1. Molten Armor 

When it comes to pure numbers and defense points Molten armor is the best armor on Terraria mobile. This powerful armor provides you with whooping 25 defense points, increases the overall melee damage, and provides you with a powerful effect that practically gives you immunity to fire. 

Molten Armor
Molten armor

The set consists of a Molten helmet, breastplate, and greaves. 

The highest defense comes at a cost of this armor being also the most difficult to obtain. You will need a total of 45x Hellstone bars. 

Best Armors in Terraria mobile in Hardmode 

5. Valhalla Knight Armor 

Different pieces of this Hardmode armor can be used to further complement other, more powerful sets of armor. Valhalla Knight armor is purchased from Tavernkeep. It’s going to cost you 225 Defender points. One prerequisite for acquiring this armor is defeating the Golem.

Vallhalla Knight armor
Valhalla Knight armor

The armor itsef gives 68 defense points and enhances the number of Sentries and ballista effectiveness. While this armor is not as powerful as a whole set, different pieces from this set can be used as placeholder best-in-slot items for other classes in Terraria

4. Solar Flare armor 

Up next we have the best melee armor set in Terraria, Solar Flare armor. You can acquire this amazing set after you’ve defeated the Moon Lord. To craft Solar Flare armor be prepared to spend 36x Luminite bares and 45x solar flare fragments. 

solar faler
Solar Flare armor

Solar Flare armor provides you with 78 defense points and gives other powerful buffs for melee-oriented characters. It gives you the dash ability, and the ability to damage your enemies through the dash. 

Increased regeneration, attack speed, and movement speed are part of the bonuses that the whole set provides. If you’re looking for a perfect armor set for your endgame warrior, look no further than the Solar Flare armor. 

3. Vortex Armor 

After the most powerful armor for the melee class, we move on to the ranged class and Vortex armor. This exquisite set of armor will provide you with 62 defense points. Where it lacks the defense points it compensates you with the powerful ability to increase your overall range and decrease the chance of enemies targeting you. 

vortex armor
Vortex armor

Vortex armor is available to you after Moon Lord has been defeated and you will need to acquire 36x Luminite bars and 45 Vortex fragments to craft it. 

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2. Stardust armor 

If you’re a summoner, the best Terraria armor on mobile for you is Stardust armor. Stardust armor provides you with meager 38 defense points, but where it truly shines is the fact that it gives you the ability to summon a powerful Stardust Guardian. 

Stardust Armor
Stardust armor

To craft Stardust armor you’re going to have to defeat Moon Lord first, and spare 36x Luminite bars and 45x Stardust fragments. 

1. Nebula armor 

If you’re a magic-oriented character playing Terraria, you know this armor all too well. I’ve decided to put Nebula armor in the number 1 spot due to the highest amount of buffs that it provides for its specific class. 

Nebula armor will not protect through defense points as it grants you only 46 of those. The biggest advantage of Nebula armor is its many buffs that it provides you with like: 

  • +60 maximum mana
  • +26% magic damage
  • +16% magic critical strike chance
  • −15% mana usage
  • +10% movement speed

To acquire Nebula armor you’re going to have to defeat the Moon Lord and collect 36x Luminite bars and 45x Nebula fragments. 

Nebula armor
Nebula armor

And that’s about it, the best armors on Terraria mobile ranked. This list is probably not as clear cut as you’ve expected, that’s because “the best armors” depend on the classes themselves.

But with everything sad, If you decide to follow our advice I’m sure there’s nothing that Terraria can throw your way that you won’t be able to handle. 

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