Can You Create Your Spells in ‘Skyrim’? With Mods You Can 

Can You Create Your Spells in Skyrim With Mods You Can

Skyrim has pretty open-ended gameplay and provides the players with numerous options in terms of playstyles. One of the most diverse paths to take when it comes to your combat options is magic. From the destruction school of magic that allows you to shover your enemies with powerful elemental attacks to illusion magic that allows you to manipulate the minds of those around you, there is truly no end to what you can do with magic. However, in terms of spell crafting, Skyrim is severely limited when compared to its predecessor, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. 

Oblivion had specially designated altars that allowed you to create custom spells with effects within the game. You were able to adjust the intensity of the spells and their duration. It was also possible to combine multiple effects. Skyrim removed this option along with the mysticism school of magic and several magic effects that were previously available to players. Still, Skyrim’s modding community is one of the best in the world of gaming, and they figured out a way to keep spell-crafting alive even in Skyrim. Today we’re going to present you with a list of the best mods for creating your own spells in Skyrim. 

1. Spellcrafting for Skyrim 

Spellcrating for Skyrim adds the ability to create your own custom spells in the game, and the mod did a pretty good job at turning it into a mini-game within the game. The mod allows players to create their own custom spells by combining over 40 magic effects, each of which can vary in duration, target type, damage amount, and level of targets affected. Each crafted spell can have up to five magic effects, offering thousands of possible combinations. 

To unlock the ability to craft new spells, players must first use the vanilla spells to unlock each spell cantrip, then go to the spell crafting station at College of Winterhold’s Hall of Attainment. The mod likewise added some new magic effects that were present in the previous games, like damage attribute effect, weakness effect, cure disease effect, and even some new effects that weren’t present in previous games, like summon gargoyle and ethereal form magic effect.

2. Simple Obvious Spell-Crafting 

Simple Obvious Spell-Crafting is a bit smaller in scale when compared to our previous mod, but it’s perfect for players that are simply looking for a way to create new spells without the process being too complicated. With Simple Obvious Spell-Crafting, you are able to create weaker or stronger versions of existing spells using the magic effects that exist within the game. There is no magic altar implementation. You can craft new spells by interacting with spell tomes.  


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You can craft up to 50 custom spells in the vanilla game, and if you have any mod-added spells, you can attempt to craft new spells using those effects as well, but there is no guarantee on how those spells we’re going to turn out. 

3. The Dark Arts 

Necromancers are well-known and powerful enemies in The Elder Scrolls Lore. In fact, in several games, they are among the most vicious magic-based enemies you can encounter while delving through ruins. The fact that the necromancy magic school never existed is shocking. Numerous modders attempted to bring necromancy to Skyrim, and we’ve decided to present you with The Dark Arts mod that allows you to modify and craft your own necromancer experience. 

The mod introduces a separate Necromancy skill that levels up through practice and includes new mechanics while staying true to the lore. It allows reanimated thralls to be reanimated again and offers the ability to customize their weapons, armor, and outfits. The mod also adds new reanimation spells, grants the ability to dissect corpses and view reanimated thrall stats, and fixes vanilla necromancy bugs. Additionally, it provides more uses for Black Soul Gems beyond enchantments and allows the player to memorize many humanoids and creatures to create spells via which you can summon them. 

4. Spellforge – Engaging and Convenient Spell Acquisition 

Spellforge allows you to create spells at a custom magic crafting station placed anywhere in the world, with various filters to narrow down spell choices. The crafting process involves manually converting alchemy ingredients to magical materials and infusing power into the spell with the player’s magicka. A new spell currency based on alchemy ingredients encourages exploration and rewards players for finding rare ingredients. The mod also allows for the practical crafting of staves and scrolls and the ability to remove, refund, or hide spells that don’t fit your playstyle. 

With Spellforge, you can create both vanilla spells and mod-added spells, but you can’t create completely new magic effects that don’t already exist within the game. 

5. Spell Research 

Spell Research aims to add spell-making to Skyrim and make it as difficult as possible. 

This mod introduces a unique spell-crafting system where each spell is unique and requires the manipulation and invocation of magic rather than just mixing cantrips or effects. The system is based on Archetypes, elements, and techniques that mages need to understand to cast spells. Players can discover and study these Archetypes by studying their own spells, analyzing ingredients and potions, or finding and studying ancient texts, tomes, and artifacts.

Once enough Archetypes are understood, players can compose magical Theses to try and create a spell, but it is not an easy task and may require trial and error. The mod also adds an alchemy system and many new items for players to find, and various options are available in the MCM to make the system less confusing.

6. Dino’s Spell Discovery 

The mod for creating spells in Skyrim we’re going to present is Dino’s Spell Discovery. Dino’s Spell Discovery was influenced by the previous mod we’ve mentioned, Spell Research, and it aims to deliver the same experience of crafting your own spells, albeit simpler. 


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This mod allows you to learn new spells from scratch and reverse-engineer spells from items you find, enchant items using spells you know, and store spells in a grimoire. You can also learn spells automatically by casting similar spells, translating ancient texts, borrowing another mage’s study space, or building your own furniture. All features can be accessed via menus or furniture items.

How Do You Use the Investor Perk in Skyrim?

how to use investor perk in Skyrim

A significant part of Skyrim’s gameplay revolves around its economy, and economy, in turn, is mostly influenced by your speech skill that can, when raised enough, help you accumulate quite the wealth. One of the most important speechcraft perks you can acquire is the so-called “Investor” perk, but some players have trouble utilizing this perk to the fullest due to the various bugs. So, we created this guide to explain how to use the “Investor” perk effectively in Skyrim. 

Investor perk will allow you to invest 500 gold in merchants to raise their overall gold available for bartering by 500 gold. All you need to do is navigate to the “I want to invest in your business” option while you are navigating through the dialogue options. However, You should consider that some merchants are affected by a bug that allows you to invest in their store for an infinite amount of times without ever remembering that you already invested in them. Their overall gold, however, will never increase. 

Now that we’ve covered how to use the investor perks, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in how to unlock the perk and how to utilize it the best, stay with us and keep reading!

What speech level do you need to be to unlock Investor perk? 

Generally, you will level speech every time you trade with the merchants or interact with other NPCs via special dialogue options such as bribe, threaten, etc., and it shouldn’t be too hard to max out speech in the mid-game, as there are various effective guides on how to do it. But luckily for you, you don’t have to be a master level in speech to unlock the Investor Perk. You just need to spend a lot of points in the skill tree and be fairly proficient at it. 

investor perk skyrim


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You can unlock the Investor perk as soon as you hit level 70 in speech, and if you’ve previously unlocked the “Merchant” perk, that allows you to sell any type of item to any kind of merchant. This is among the most useful perks in the tree, so generally, everybody who decides to orient their character to, well, the speech will strive to get this perk as soon as possible. It makes flipping goods faster than usual, but it also causes your “go-to” merchants to be drained of funds relatively quickly, and this is where the Investor perk comes on. 

What does Investor perk do & how to use it? 

Investor perk allows you to invest 500 gold in merchants that can be found all over Skyrim. The perk is not limited to a type of merchant since you can invest in alchemists, smiths, or general merchants. It really doesn’t matter as long as the merchant in question is not affected by a bug. You can find a list of all investable merchants here, but keep in mind that the bugs that affect various merchants can be fixed with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch at any given time.

As soon as you activate the perk, the first time you wander into a shop and activate the dialogue with the merchant, you will get the following choice “I would like to invest in your business.” As soon as you click on that line, the money will be subtracted from your inventory immediately, and the merchant’s gold will be raised by that amount (500 gold). 

It’s a pretty useful perk to have, but most people are just not willing to invest in it early on in the game. Luckily the legendary skills allow you to acquire all perks eventually if you’re persistent enough and willing to grind. 

You can invest only once in any given merchant.

Bugs that affect the Investor perk 

Most of the players get confused by the perk since the option to invest is not present for at least 1/3 of the game’s merchants, and it’s mostly due to random bugs affecting them. So if the option to invest is missing, there is a really large chance that the merchant in question is simply “un-investable” due to a bug and not by design. You can resolve most of those issues by using various unofficial patches. 

Some bugs are more bizarre in nature, like the one affecting Angeline Morrard in Angeline’s Aromatics. This apothecary will allow you to invest in its store endlessly; as long as you have the funds, the merchant seemingly forgets about it, but, there’s a catch, her base gold will never rise. It will always stay at the pre-investment levels, which results in all your investments being lost forever.


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It’s probably best to avoid investing in Angeline if you don’t plan on installing the Unofficial Patch. 

Ghorza gra-Bagol, an orc smith that can be found near Understone Keep, has the option to invest in her, but the only dialogue option is to refuse the investment making it impossible to raise her standard gold by 500. 

You can install Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch to fix this bug, or you can simply “dispose” of Ghorza and wait for her apprentice, Tacitus Sallustius, to take over the store. In this case, you should be able to invest in the store without any issues. 

What is the difference between the Investor perk and Master Trader perk? 

Both the Investor perk and Master Trader perk allow you to raise the standard gold of merchants in Skyrim by 500 and 1000 gold, respectively, but there are some differences between the two perks. Namely, the Master Trader perk is significantly harder to acquire because it requires you to be level 100 in speech and it requires you to have almost all other prior perks activated. 

master trader perk skyrim

Master Trader perk will also add 1000 gold to all merchants, but it doesn’t require you to invest your own gold in traders. The game does it automatically, meaning it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s a useful perk to have, and it will allow you to accumulate wealth rapidly, but it might take some time for you to get there, and most players don’t want to prioritize speech in early or mid-game.

And by the time you are ready to invest all those points in speech, you might already be rich beyond your wildest dreams, so the perk might appear to be useless. 

Here’s How to Use the “Command Animal” Power in Skyrim

how to use command animal powers skyrim

When Skyrim is concerned, there are plenty of gameplay styles that can you can choose from, and whether you decide to face your enemies with melee weapons, stealth, or magic, there’s one thing that you have at your disposal whether you want it or not, your racial powers. Wood Elves come with one extremely useful power, the “Command Animal” power, that can sometimes be a lifesaver, especially in the early game, but many players seem to be confused about how to use this racial power, so this is why we’ve decided to create this guide, let’s see how to use the Command Animal power in Skyrim. 

The Command Animal power in Skyrim allows you to make an ally out of any animal for 60 seconds once per day. You need to be within 75 feet of the animal for the power to work. To activate the power, you need to navigate to your “Powers” part of the magic menu and select “Command Animal.” Once you’ve selected the power, you can cast it by pressing “Y.” If the power doesn’t seem to work, it’s possible that the mob you’re targeting is not eligible for the power to work. 

Now that we’ve briefly summarized how to use Command Animal power, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Command Animal is racial power available only to Bosmers

One of the perks of playing a Bosmer (Wood Elf) in Skyrim is the fact that you’re going to be extremely stealthy, gifted in archery, and you will get an opportunity to control animals once per day. 

All Bosmers come with Command Animal racial power that allows them to turn any beast that they come across into their ally. The power is extremely useful in the early game when you might be overwhelmed by a pack of wolves, saber cats, or, if you’re especially unlucky, even rats.

command anima racial power skyrim

Only animals can be controlled via this power, as it won’t work on the undead, bandits, and other aggressive humanoid NPCs. The power likewise won’t work on Dragons. Dragons can be considered to be beasts and more similar to animals in some aspects. However, they are not animals, and the game doesn’t treat them as such. The in-game explanation for this is that Dragons have too strong minds and are far too intelligent to be manipulated as common beasts or low-level humanoids. 


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One good news is that Command Animal racial power works quite effectively on mammoths, and you can utilize it successfully to deal with Giants. Giants are often surrounded by mammoths, who “outlevel” them in some instances. Casting the Command Animal power on the mammoth will cause it to turn on its Giant master and fight for you for 60 whole seconds. This will give you ample time to deal with the Giant or escape.

A mammoth

How do you activate Command Animal powe? 

Command Animal is activated as all other “castable” racial powers. You can do it by following these steps. 

  1. Open your magic menu. 
  2. Navigate to your “effects” menu. 
  3. Find the Command Animal power on the list and select it. 
  4. Exit the menu and press “Y” to cast the spell. 

Before you attempt to cast the spell, keep in mind that the power has 75 feet range, which means that you need to be relatively close to the animal and target it for the power to work successfully. The power also works only once per day, meaning that if you’ve used it within the last 24 hours, it will not work. So always check the cooldown before you willingly go into dangerous situations. 

The Command Anima racial power can only be used by Bosmers and only on mobs that are classified as animals in the game, such as saber cats, mammoths, bears, wolves, and rats. If you have a game mod that adds additional animals to the leveling lists and in-game, if they were classified as animals in the game files properly, the spell should, in theory, work on them. 

What is the difference between Command Animal power and Animal Allegiance Shout

Both Command Animal and Animal Allegiance shout have their pros and cons, with Animal Allegiance being more useful in general. 

anima allegiance shout skyrim

First, Animal Allegiance is available several times a day to all characters, meaning you don’t have to be a Bosmer to use it. The negative is that the shout is leveled, and it might take some effort and time, and grind for you to acquire all threw words in the shout. You need to have all words in the shout to be able to control the highest level animals. This makes sense, yes, but if you put off collecting the words and you finally find all three words when you’re already high level, the shout will be useless to you. 

Animals, be they low-level or high level are only a threat in early to mid-game; in late-game, you can steamroll them easily, even giants and mammoths. So this shout is not available to you when you need it the most, in the early game.

It’s quite the reverse thing for Command Animal racial power. The power is available to you in the early game when you need it most. At that point, you can already control even the highest-level animals. However, it’s limited to once per day, and you need to time your wildlife encounters wisely.


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If you plan on starting a Bosmer playthrough simply to have Command Animal power, it’s not worth it. You’re better off just settling for the shout. 

Shadow of Mordor vs. Skyrim: Which Game Is Better?

Shadow of Mordor vs. Skyrim Which Game Is Better

When discussing immersive open-world adventures, it’s hard not to think about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Both games are critically acclaimed with a massive following, and both are among the best in the genre. However, players looking to get into open-world games might have trouble deciding between the two. This is why we’ve decided to compare both games, to answer the eternally burning question. Shadow or Mordor or Skyrim, which game is better?

Shadow of Mordor will be better suited for players looking for a fast-paced action adventure with great emphasis on combat and little emphasis on world immersion and exploration. At the same time, Skyrim is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It will appeal most to players who love exploring and creating open-ended gameplay and combat tactics. Skyrim is an absolute winner in terms of sandbox features, exploration, and crafting, but it falls short in terms of combat & story. At the end of the day, it’s up to your individual tastes. 

Now that we’ve answered which game is more suited to an average gamer, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to compare the gameplay, combat, visuals, and story of both games so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Skyrim vs. Shadow of Mordor: Gameplay 

We’re gonna start out the comparison with the gameplay portion since it’s objectively the most important thing. 

Skyrim is an action RPG that puts great emphasis on the sandbox features of the world. You are able to explore every nook and cranny while distracted by numerous quests, both important and unimportant in nature.

The game has an incredibly open-ended combat system that focuses on no play style in particular and gives you absolute freedom in terms of how you will customize and level your character. It features a nonlinear narrative structure that allows players to choose their own path and shape their character’s destiny. Players can engage in real-time combat using a variety of weapons, magic spells, and ranged attacks. 

Cant absorb dragon soul skyrim

The best part about Skyrim and why it’s played all these years after release is that it allows you to tailor your adventure. You have absolute freedom to play however you want. 


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On the other hand, Shadow of Mordor is s an action-adventure game. And while it’s set in an open world, the world has many more constraints than Skyrim’s. The game blends stealth, combat, and exploration elements to deliver an immersive gameplay experience.

Players assume the role of Talion, a ranger with a tragic past who is bound to an elf wraith named Celebrimbor. Together, they seek revenge against Sauron and his forces that have taken over Mordor. The game offers much less freedom than Skyrim, but for some players, this is irrelevant. 

Shadow of mordor gameplay

Shadow of Mordor combines third-person melee combat, stealth takedowns, and ranged attacks. Players have access to a wide array of abilities, weapons, and supernatural powers granted by Celebrimbor, which can be upgraded and customized as the game progresses. Combat encounters are fluid and fast-paced, with players using a combination of swordplay, counter-attacks, archery, and magical abilities to take down enemies and execute impressive finishing moves. 

Since gameplay is not something that can be, in large part, objectively judged, both games will get the point here. Some players might feel overwhelmed by Skyrim’s scope and open-ended nature and might opt out for a more “closed” experience that SoM offers, and vice versa. This is why both games are winners in this category. 

Shadow of Mordor 1: Skyrim 1 

Open World & Exploration 

If one thing Skyrim is famous for, it’s the massive map. Skyrim is the perfect sandbox open world that allows you to discover over a hundred locations ranging from Nordic ruins to abandoned Dwemer underground cities. However, there are a plethora of unmarked locations as well, hiding secrets, easter eggs, and treasures in general. Skyrim likewise has incredibly diverse biomes ranging from snow-capped mountains to ice-covered seas and wide plains. There are countless hidden locations, side quests, and points of interest scattered throughout the world, waiting to be discovered.

Skyrim variations

Skyrim offers a variety of exploration-based activities, such as hunting wildlife, gathering resources, and engaging in random encounters with creatures and NPCs. 

Shadow of Mordor’s open world is not as large and extensive as Skyrim’s. The game offers much fewer locations to discover, and the diversity of biomes is not as obvious as in Skyrim. The exploration aspect of the game may feel somewhat limited when compared to other massive open-world games. Still, you are able to roam freely and uncover hidden collectibles, side quests, and challenges. Expansive exploration was never the primary goal of SoM, and it shows. 

Shadow of mordor map

Skyrim’s map is clearly bigger, with more things to explore. Due to that, the point goes to Skyrim. 

Shadow of Mordor 1: Skyrim 2 


Both Skyrim and Shadow of Mordor have truly detailed lore, but only Shadow of Mordor is inspired by the great works of J.R.R. Tolkien. 

You play Shadow of Mordor as Talion, a ranger stationed at the Black Gate of Mordor. The game is set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Talion’s peaceful life is ruined when Sauron’s forces attack the Black Gate, led by the Black Hand of Sauron and a group of powerful captains known as the Black Captains. Talion is brutally murdered along with his family but is mysteriously resurrected by a wraith named Celebrimbor, a long-dead Elf Lord. 

Throughout the game, you will encounter various factions, including Uruk captains and war chiefs who serve as Sauron’s commanders. The Nemesis System plays a central role in the story, as Talion’s actions shape the hierarchy and dynamics among these enemies, leading to personal vendettas and rivalries. It’s an overall great story made even better if you’re a fan of the books behind the game.

Skyrim, on the other hand, has a story, but most players criticized it for its lack of depth and length. In Skyrim, you take on the role of the prophecized Dragonborn, who is supposed to stop an ancient evil from resurrecting and quite literally devouring the world. However, the main story is only a fraction of Skyrim’s quest as you will be able to work with various factions, you will be able to take part in the Civil War and take part in treasure hunts that involve malevolent Daedric Lords. 

Skyrim’s main story is short and shallow overall, offering little excitement compared to the previous installments in the franchise. This is a shame since Skyrim has enough lore to cover dozens of installments. 

Due to a better story and more focus on it, Shadow of Mordor gets the point here. 

Shadow of Mordor 2: Skyrim 2 


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Combat & Difficulty 

Skyrim has open-ended combat, which means that you are not limited to a single class. Instead, you level skills that you deem important. A vast combination of builds is available with three major archetypes, such as in other similar games, mage, warrior, and stealth archer. Players can choose from a wide range of weapons, including swords, axes, bows, and magic staves, each with its own unique feel and playstyle. 

Different weapon types offer varied attack speeds, damage outputs, and special abilities. Magic spells cover a broad spectrum of elements and effects, enabling players to unleash destructive fireballs, summon creatures, heal themselves, or utilize utility spells.

backstab power attack 1

Still, Skyrim’s combat is criticized for being flat, as there are no combos that you can build upon, as in other action RPGs. In terms of difficulty, you can adjust it at any time choosing from 5 major settings ranging from very easy to legendary. The overall difficulty of combat encounters in Skyrim can vary depending on several factors, such as the player’s character build, equipment, and enemy scaling. 

Shadow of Mordor’s combat is fast-paced, action-oriented, and heavily focused on melee combat with a variety of weapons, including swords, daggers, and bows. One of the standout features of Shadow of Mordor’s combat is the so-called “Freeflow” system, which draws inspiration from games like the Batman: Arkham series. It allows you to seamlessly move between enemies, unleashing a flurry of attacks, counters, and dodges.  

One more important system that needs to be mentioned is Nemesis System. The game generates a hierarchy of enemy captains and war chiefs, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits requiring players to learn their individual weaknesses, exploit their vulnerabilities, and strategize their approach to defeat them successfully.

Shadow of mordor

In terms of combat difficulty, it’s adjustable and can depend on several factors, including your own skills and your build. It can be challenging at times. Luckily there are plenty of leveling options available, so you can always be on equal grounds. 

I’m certain that while Skyrim’s combat system offers more freedom, many players enjoy fact-paced actions with combos more, so this point goes to Shadow of Mordor. 

Shadow of Mordor 3: Skyrim 2 

Replayability and mods 

This is a category where Skyrim will objectively always be an absolute winner. It has among the biggest and most active modding communities in the world, offering a variety of mods suited to change, modify & improve almost any aspect of the game. From quests to mechanics to items and graphics, there are no limits. This is what extended Skyrim’s lifespan for so long, and the game is still actively played almost 12 years after it was released. 

Shadow of Mordor does have a modding community too, but it’s much smaller in scale with limited mods. It has great replayability but is nowhere near that of Skyrim. 


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Shadow of Mordor vs. Skyrim: What to Choose? 

It’s simple, if you’re looking for an immersive action RPG oriented toward exploration with absolute freedom on how to play and what to play, go for Skyrim. Especially if the story is not important to you, if you’re looking for fast-paced action with several refined combat systems, go for Shadow Of Mordor.

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