Druids of the Flame Set to Return in the Upcoming World Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7

Druids of the Flame Set To Return in the Upcoming World Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7

World of Warcraft has one of the most extensive lore in gaming, and over the course of its many expansions, numerous different villains or (villainous groups) have made their appearances. The upcoming patch for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight brings a blast from the past in the form of a villainous group named ‘Druids of the Flame’ that players last fought against during the Cataclysm expansion. 

The Druids of the Flame, followers of Ragnaros, are led by Fandral Staghelm, and they have forsaken Elune’s teachings and worship the Fire Lord. Their aim is to engulf everything in ash and operate primarily in the Firelands. Among their sinister plans was an attempt to utilize a “Solar Core” from the Firelands to annihilate Azeroth.

Now according to the data mined assets from the upcoming patch 10.1.7 for Dragonflight, Druids of the Flame are set to appear once again. 

The patch is currently live on Public Test Realm, and it’s likely that several months will pass until the launch. Still, we have some insight into the possible armor sets and NPC models that are set to debut at the same time as Druids of the Flames. 


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The tweet clearly shows Druids of the Flame-inspired armor and a Night Elf model inscribed with various flaming runes. The Druids of the Flames are also referenced by name as well as additional screenshots show that they will be a part of quests as the enemy faction that you need to fight against. 

In any case, we’re excited to see the new content, especially the one that references such a notable expansion. It is unknown what role the Druids will play in the story, but it’s possibly related to the new World Tree. 

EA Reveals the Next Sims Game Will Be Free-to-Play Without Subscription

EA Reveals the Next Sims Game Will Be Free to Play without Subscription

The Sims 4 was released more than nine years ago, and even though many fans criticized the game due to some obvious restrictions that the previous game in the franchise did not have, it was well enough played and pumped out a lot of additional content.

The publisher behind The Sims 4 has been working on the next-gen installment in the series code-named ‘Project Rene’ for quite some time now, and recently, we got new information regarding the project.

The most surprising news is, however, the fact that the game will be free and open for all, without seemingly hidden game mechanics that are designed to trick the players into spending more money.

Project Rene will be Free to Download. This means that when Project Rene is ready and fully open to players, you will be able to join, play, and explore it without a subscription, core game purchase, or energy mechanics. We want the play to be super easy for you to invite or join friends and experience new features, stories, and challenges.

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But in the rest of the aforementioned blog post, the catch has been mentioned. For quite some time now, it’s obvious that the real monetization strategy of EA when it comes to The Sims games are not the initial releases but the plenty DLCs, content packs, customization options, and other resources that often come at a pretty hefty price and are often a target for criticism.


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The Sims 4 is currently free to download, but to experience everything that the game has to offer, a fan should shell out hundreds of dollars to access some of the features that were left out of the original game and were included in the subsequent expansions.

EA confirmed that this monetization strategy will also continue in the future, as Project Rene will include content and packs, but the updates that add new features will be free to an extent.

Beyond regular updates to the core game, we will sell content and packs, but we plan to change this up a bit. For example, basic weather may be added to the core game for free, for everybody. And in the future, a pack for purchase may be focused on winter sports with activities like ice dancing or a snowman building competition. It’s important that with Project Rene we lower barriers to play and give all players the broadest shared systems because that feels like the strongest foundation for us to grow from.

Project Rene is, according to EA, still in the early stages of development, and quite a lot of time will pass before the game sees the light of day. However, you put it, there is an eager community waiting for any news related to the release.

Starfield Beats Skyrim’s “Concurrent Players Record,” but the Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Starfield surpasses Skyrims concurrent player count

Bethesda’s most recent launch of Starfield promised to be the largest in the company’s history, just like the massive game itself. Even though the developers were criticized for some exploration aspects of the game, to put it plainly, lack of things to do on some planets and lack of diversity on the planets in general, the launch did manage to surpass another legendary game from Bethesda’s repertoire, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim turns 12 years old in just a few short months, and around 12 years ago, it registered the peak concurrent players count of 287,411, according to SteamDB. Starfield managed to surpass that number a few times now, as 13 hours ago, the game registered a peak concurrent player count of 330,723 players in the game. 

Starfield playercount

Although the peak seems humble when compared to some other games, it’s important to note that Steam is not the only platform on which the game was released on. Due to lucrative deals, many players instead opted out to try out the game on Microsoft’s Game Pass, so what we’re seeing on Steam is a far cry from the real number of players. 

Starfield also hadn’t managed to dethrone Bethesda’s other giant, Fallout 4. At one point 8 years ago, the game registered an all-time peak of 472,962 concurrent players, as the interest in the game was enormous.

Starfield’s number look humble, at least on Steam, but it’s important to take into account that the franchise is also rather new, and players really don’t know what to expect considering an overwhelming amount of both positive reviews and criticism of some of the game aspect’s that were supposedly overhyped. 


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In any case, we don’t expect Starfield to fall off the radar anytime soon. The developers have announced the release of modding tools, scheduled to launch sometime in 2024. Even in the absence of official modding tools, its modding community is thriving, with thousands of mods already uploaded and ready to improve the game in several aspects that the players found lacking.

One thing that ensures the longevity of most Bethesda games is its modding fanbase, and we have no doubt that Starfield will see some drastic unofficial upgrades in the next several months and, due to them, perhaps even dethrone Fallout 4. 

Blizzard Confirms Patch 1.1.4 for ‘Diablo 4’ More News About Season 2 To Follow

Blizzard Confirms Patch 1.1.4 for Diablo 4 More News About Season 2 To Follow

Recently, Season 2 of Diablo 4 has been announced, aptly titled ‘Season of Blood.’ During the same Gamescom presentation, it was also revealed that the season will be released on October 17, along with plenty of new content and quality-of-life updates.

Blizzard has recently released Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3, and fans can now anticipate another update, patch 1.1.4, ahead of the game’s second season launch next month, as confirmed by Blizzard’s community director, Adam Fletcher, on Twitter.

It’s unknown what the update will entail, but we’re likely getting more info soon.

In the upcoming ‘Season of Blood,’ players can expect a new Questline, Vampiric Powers to wield, and the addition of 5 endgame bosses capable of dropping specific Unique items. The update also includes community-requested quality-of-life improvements, such as more efficient Gem management, the carryover of Paragon Points, Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Obol capacity upgrades into new seasons, and changes to the functionality of status effects like Vulnerable, Overpower, Critical Strike Damage, and Elemental Resistances. These updates will be available in both Seasonal and Eternal Realms for players to enjoy.


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More news about the upcoming season will be released as October 17 is getting nearer. In the meantime, you can check out the announcement.