Eric Barone, Stardew Valley Creator Teases Upcoming Content To Be Added in the 1.6 Update

Eric Barone Stardew Valley Creator Teases Upcoming Content to Be Added in the 1.6 Update

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Stardew Valley, despite quite the advanced age of the game, is still receiving updates, and the upcoming 1.6 Update is being occasionally teased by the game’s creator, Eric Barone. 

What at first started as the update oriented “toward modders” that was supposed to make the game more accessible and more easily modified turned into a decent-sized content update scheduled to include numerous things. Most recently, Barone revealed the inclusion of a new item, “Wild Horseradish Juice,” that supposedly grants players +75 points of energy and +33 points of health. 

Barone also teased the update on X, sharing a comprehensive list of what to expect from the game. Fans can look forward to one major and two new mini-festivals.

Skills will be getting some love since he has a “new” late-game content expansion in the plan. New items and crafting recipes will also be making their way into the overall play, and the JoJoMart storyline will be getting an alternative to some quests. As far as NPCs go, 100+ new lines of dialogue will be added, some winter outfits for the villagers, and new types of rewards for completing billboard requests. 


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In addition to the aforementioned additions, the upcoming 1.6 update for Stardew Valley will primarily focus on bug fixes and balance adjustments, alongside several minor and major changes. Notable changes include real-time tracking of player positions on the world map, the ability to move the farmhouse and pet bowl, and the addition of a delay in shops to prevent accidental selling through double-clicking. 

The release date for the upcoming update is still unknown, but according to everything that was shared so far, fans have plenty of content to look forward to. 

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