Is GTA Online Loading Screen Stuck at 90%? Here’s What to Do!

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Grand Theft Auto is undeniably infamous within the gaming community, boasting a ton of content topped with amazing gameplay and additional features – but it’s still home to many potential bugs, glitches, and errors. Quite a few players have had their GTA 5 or GTA Online loading screen stuck at 90%, wondering what to do to resolve the problem.

The GTA 5 and GTA Online loading screen can get permanently stuck, often at 90%. Players can fix the issue by Switching the User, Resetting the Date & Time, Clearing the Cache, Using Default Settings, Verifying Game Files, Updating Graphics Card Drivers, Rebooting the Internet Router, and Closing Background Tasks. The last resorts include Deleting the Quick-Save File or Reinstalling GTA 5.

Although it can be incredibly frustrating to have the GTA 5 loading screen stuck at 90% (or in general), players can still try various approaches to fix the issue. Stick around to learn everything there is to know about the GTA Online loading screen getting stuck, including why it may occur and what players can do to solve this error.

Why Does the GTA Online Loading Screen Get Stuck?

Rockstar Games is iconic for introducing new content via updates and patches. Quite a few issues have appeared in GTA Online over the years, and there is no solid way to indicate the specific cause for the GTA 5 and GTA Online loading screen getting stuck.

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Many fans believe that corrupted game files could cause it, while others believe it is on the player’s end. Most likely, the error could be caused by a problem on the client’s side rather than the server’s.


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Rockstar Games has made a statement regarding the GTA 5 loading screen getting stuck for players, as seen below.

“This problem may occur if there’s an issue with game disc or console, one of your save games, or the connection between your console and online platform or the Rockstar Games Services.”

Rockstar Games Support

The GTA Online loading screen can get permanently stuck, remaining in the same spot for hours. Many fans have found that it gets stuck at 90% repeatedly, and the error is often accompanied by flickering – it can happen to any player, but the error is most common on PlayStation 4.

How to Fix GTA 5 & GTA Online Online Loading Screen

There are various possible methods for fixing the GTA Online loading screen, and players will need to take a ‘trial and error’ approach. The solution will likely be different for each player, depending on the chosen gaming platform as well as the version of the game.

Some players have tried loading GTA 5 and then going Online from there, as this can be a temporary fix. But, this does not work for everyone, and many players simultaneously experience the issue in GTA 5 and GTA Online.


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Below are the known approaches for getting the GTA Online loading screen back on track.

1. Switch the User

If players have access to another user, they can quickly switch between the main and secondary users. In many cases, switching back to the main user will resolve the issue, as seen in the video below by YourSixGaming.

2. Reset the Date & Time

A more recent fix was found in 2022, proving to be an easy and safe approach compared to other methods. According to fans who stand by the method, manually changing the console’s Date and Time can do the trick! Check out this method in the video below by BLAIR TECH 256.

3. Clear the Cache

Cache files can cause issues for players in some cases, whether minor or more problematic. It may be a good idea to clear the game cache using the steps below.

PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360

  1. Shut down the console.
  2. Restart the console after 30 seconds.
  3. Launch GTA 5.
  4. Wait for a black screen, and hold L1+R1 throughout the opening scenes.
  5. Players should be prompted to re-calibrate the options.

Xbox One

  1. Hold the power button until the console turns off.
  2. Unplug the console for about 30 seconds, and plug it back in.
  3. Turn the console on.
  4. Load GTA Online in Story Mode.
  5. Select “Go Online” from the Pause menu.


  1. Load Steam.
  2. Head to the Library section, right-click on the game, and select “Properties”.
  3. Select the “Local files” tab.
  4. Click the “Verify integrity of game cache” option.
  5. Steam will take a few minutes, and the Check Window will automatically exit once complete.

Social Club

  1. Press the Home key to bring up the Social Club Overlay.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Under “Profile”, select “Delete Local Profile”.
  4. Click “Confirm”.
  5. Sign in again.

4. Use Default Settings

This is a simple method that has actually worked for quite a few players. Some GTA 5 fans have suggested turning the console settings to Default, and this fix is more common on PlayStation 4.

5. Verify Game Files

Corrupted files can be a massive contributing factor to countless in-game errors. Players on consoles can try this approach via their PlayStation or Xbox, while PC can try verifying their game files using the methods below.


  1. Turn off GTA 5.
  2. Head to the Steam Library.
  3. Right-click on GTA 5.
  4. Navigate to “Properties”.
  5. Select “Verify integrity of game files”.

Epic Games

  1. Turn off GTA 5.
  2. Open the Epic Games library.
  3. Click on the three dots below GTA 5.
  4. Click on the “Verify” option.

6. Update Graphics Card Drivers

It’s crucial to ensure that Graphics Card drivers are up to date, as it can help prevent a range of glitches and technical errors. Different providers have different methods, with AMD (AMD Software Adrenaline Edition) and Nvidia (Nvidia GeForce Experience) all enabling automatic downloads and updates.

7. Reboot the Internet Router

A weak or interrupted internet connection would prevent Rockstar Games from connecting, which can lead to a continuously stuck loading screen. Players can try turning off the internet router for about 15 seconds and restarting the router depending on the specific model, after which they can try reloading GTA 5.

8. Close Background Tasks & Programs

Background tasks can drain the resources needed to run GTA 5 and GTA Online properly. For the best possible experience, players should always make sure that their gaming platform is not running unnecessary programs or tasks while GTA 5 is running.


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9. Delete the Quick Save Game File

This method was created by fans who experienced the issue, although there’s still speculation regarding this approach. Some players have claimed that the error is actually caused by the player’s game save being bugged after using the “Quick Save” feature, forcing it to stop loading at 90%.

Many GTA 5 players have suggested deleting the quick-save and reloading the game using the Auto Save file. However, this approach comes with risks – a few fans have stated that this only resulted in them losing their playthrough, after which the issue may persist.

10. Delete and Reinstall GTA 5

Deleting and Reinstalling GTA 5 would be the last resort, as GTA 5 is massive at around 100GB. It will take time for the process to complete, but it may be the only option left if no other methods work.


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Additional approaches include Suspending and Resuming GTA 5 or updating Windows on PC, as this can resolve minor issues on the player’s end. While many of these methods have worked, a handful of players have still found that they needed to restart their entire playthrough in order to be free from the error.

That’s everything there is to know about the error involving the GTA 5 loading screen getting stuck – whether it be at 90% or at a different point for various players. Although some have gotten worse side effects, most players have managed to fix the issue using the above methods.

How Do You Leave an Organization or Crew in GTA 5 Online?

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Grand Theft Auto players have access to a spread of content and activities, particularly when it comes to GTA 5. While making money through organizations and group missions can be incredibly fun, many players still wonder how to leave an organization or crew in GTA 5 Online.

Players can leave a GTA 5 Online crew via the “My Crews” tab within the in-game Interaction Menu or through the “Crews” tab on the Rockstar Social Club website. Players can leave their organization or business by selecting their CEO role and clicking the “Retire” option.

Although the process of leaving an organization or crew in GTA 5 can feel complex at first, it can be pretty straightforward with the right approaches. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about leaving an organization or crew in GTA 5, including step-by-step guides and how to delete GTA Online crews.

Crews in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online players know how much fun the game can be with others – either through hosting missions with friends or exploring the game with fellow fans. As such, crews have become an extremely popular option, apart from those who prefer playing GTA Online and earning upgrades with solo approaches.

gta terrorbyte 3

Players can create their own GTA Online crew and recruit crew members – chosen from the player’s friends list, the session lobby, or by choosing players from another crew. Crews have numerous advantages, with players earning reputation points much faster in-game.

How Do You Leave a Crew in GTA 5?

While being in a crew can be far more enjoyable, players may simply find that their crew isn’t a good fit for their playstyle – particularly those mismatched with aggressive players flaunting red Mental States. But, the crew may also become inactive over time, which is a pretty simple reason for wanting to leave.


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In GTA 5 Story Mode, the crew is automatically disbanded after the mission is complete, crew members’ cuts have been taken, and all fencing fees have been paid. But, in GTA Online, the crew will remain as long as players choose, even if players are kicked from the crew by the Leader.

crew members gta

Since most GTA Online players create their crews using the Rockstar Social Club website, most players choose to leave their crew in the same way. Follow the steps below to leave your crew in GTA Online using the Rockstar Social Club.

  1. Players will need to log in to their Rockstar Social Club account. If the player joins the crew using this platform, this account should be linked to the player’s GTA 5 Online account.
  2. Select the “Crews” tab.
  3. Click on the “Leave Crew” option on the website page’s top right-hand side.

Alternatively, players can also leave their crew using the Interaction Menu (Touchpad on PlayStation, the “Select” button on Xbox, or the “M” key on a PC keyboard). Follow the steps below to leave your crew in GTA Online using the in-game options.

  1. Pause the game to bring up the Interaction Menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Online” tab.
  3. Head to the “My Crews” panel.
  4. Select the name of the Crew that the player would like to leave.
  5. Select the “Leave Crew” option.

How to Switch Crews in GTA Online

Players can be in up to 5 crews at once, although only one crew can be selected as the “Active Crew” at a time. This can be a far better approach to GTA 5 as a whole, as this leaves more teammates for players to enjoy the game with.

gta character

Leaving a crew may not always be necessary. Players who simply want to take on challenges in a different crew can do so by selecting the crew as active using the steps below.

  1. Pause the game to bring up the Interaction Menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Online” tab.
  3. Head to the “My Crews” panel.
  4. Select the name of the Crew.
  5. Set the crew to “Active.”

How to Delete a Crew in GTA 5 Online

If players have created a crew of their own and would like to delete it, they will need to ensure that all crew members are removed from the crew first. Deleting a crew with crew members will automatically result in the Leader leaving the crew and the Leader title being passed down to the crew member with the highest rank.


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Crews that become empty over time will automatically be deleted. Follow the steps below to delete your crew in GTA Online.

  1. Players will need to log into their Rockstar Social Club account.
  2. Select the “Social Club Account Icon,” located in the top-right corner.
  3. Navigate to the Social Club Menu.
  4. Select the “View Profile” option.
  5. Select the “Crews” panel.
  6. Remove all of the current crew members.
  7. Select the “Delete” option, which will replace the “Leave Crew” option once there is only one member.

Check out this method in the video below by MiniMasterGG.

How Do You Leave an Organization in GTA 5?

Many players enjoy starting a business in GTA 5, as it can provide an easy way to make money over time. Some of the most profitable businesses include Nightclubs with upgraded storage, although Bunkers can also be amazing thanks to the various Research Projects available.

Players may need to leave their business for numerous reasons, involving the player “retiring” from their position as a CEO. Follow the steps below to leave an organization in GTA 5 Online.

  1. Head to the in-game Interaction Menu.
  2. Navigate to the “CEO” option and select it.
  3. Select the “Retire” option.

For a look at this method in practice, check out the video below by YourSixGaming.

That’s everything there is to know about leaving an organization or crew in GTA 5 Online. Being a part of an organization or crew can offer numerous benefits, but there are still a handful of situations that may make players want to leave – fortunately, the process is simple and easy to follow.

Here’s How to Control & Fly the Atomic Blimp in GTA 5

gta 5 atomic blimp

The Grand Theft Auto saga is infamous for the vast assortment of vehicles available to fans, including classic sports cars and much more – many of which involve some rather tricky controls and mechanics. As a result, a few players are eager to learn how to control and fly the Atomic Blimp in GTA 5.

GTA 5 players can control and fly the Atomic Blimp with the same controls used for helicopters. PlayStation players can ascend using “R2” while Xbox players can ascend using “R1”, and movement involves the left joystick on consoles. PC players can control the Atomic Blimp using “W A S D” as well as “4”, “5”, “6”, and “8”.

While getting the hang of the Atomic Blimp can initially feel frustrating, all it really takes is knowing the right keys and setup for the chosen gaming platform. Stick around to learn everything there is to know about the Atomic Blimp in GTA 5, including how to control it, fly it, and call it in at the player’s location.

The Atomic Blimp in GTA 5

The Atomic Blimp, manufactured by Atomic, is based on the Goodyear GZ-20 blimp manufactured by Goodyear Aerospace – the aeronautic subsidiary of the infamous tire company. It resembles its inspiration heavily, much like many GTA vehicles inspired by real-world vehicles, such as the Kosatka Submarine or the Galaxy Superyacht.

atomic blimp preorder

It was the very first controllable blimp featured in the GTA series, although most players would have only seen this vehicle flying over Los Santos in-game. The Atomic Blimp is only available for players who pre-ordered the game, and for players who have Special/ Collector’s Editions or the Enhanced version of the game.


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Much like any classic blimp, the Atomic Blimp in GTA 5 features a floatation unit and a small cabin with the capacity for four players, topped off with a tricycle landing gear undercarriage. It’s powered by two engines, featuring two large control yokes and a flight deck.

atomic blimp stats

Although blimps are infamous for being ridiculously slow, the Atomic Blimp is actually pretty agile and quick during operation. It has very low turbulence while in flight, with good maneuverability and decent acceleration power – making it the ideal choice for just about any GTA 5 fan who enjoys Flight School lessons.

That said, the Atomic Blimp is not as durable as one might expect – in fact, it’s extremely weak to collisions and minor damage, so players have to be really careful. The slightest bump into a building or vehicle will cause the Atomic Blimp to explode upon impact, and it cannot hold up under gunfire, but players still have the option to respawn the blimp in these cases.

How to Control & Fly the Atomic Blimp in GTA 5

Despite being technically classified as an “airplane,” the Atomic Blimp handles similarly when compared to helicopters and features the exact same control setup. Contrary to what many GTA 5 players expected, accelerating the Atomic Blimp results in it moving vertically rather than forward.

blimp inside

PlayStation users can ascend or accelerate the Atomic Blimp by pressing “R2”, and they can turn the blimp on the spot using “R1” and “L1”. Xbox users can ascend by pressing “R1”. From there, console users must tilt and move the Atomic Blimp using the left joystick while changing the camera angle using the right joystick.

On PC, players can ascend using “W” or descend using “S,” and steer left using “A” or steer right using “D”. The number pad will be important for proper steering as well – players can roll to the left using “Num 4” or roll to the right using “Num 6”, and pitch forward using “Num 8” or pitch backward using “Num 5”.


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Some PC players have reported that it’s also possible to simply steer the Atomic Blimp by holding down the left mouse button and moving around with the mouse. If the controls differ for some reason, possibly due to key changes, it should still line up with whichever controls are used for flying helicopters in-game.

GTA 5: How to Call in the Atomic Blimp

Players who obtained the DLC for the Atomic Blimp would have gained access to an additional phone Contact named “Blimp,” which will put players in contact with an Atomic Blimp Services agent. Calling this contact will result in the Atomic Blimp being sent to a “Blimp Docking Station,” – which will be indicated by a “blimp” icon on the player’s map and minimap.

From there, players will need to track down the Atomic Blimp. For a quick look at how to call in an Atomic Blimp, check out the video below by Hec-x 000.

It usually spawns as close to the player as possible, although it may still be a fair distance away, and players may need to drive to the location. One can simply enter it in the same way as entering any other vehicle in the game.

How Do You Call a Blimp in GTA Online?

Blimps were introduced to GTA Online as part of the After Hours update, initially released in July 2018 during the Tale of Us Residency Week event. Players are limited as these blimps are Pegasus vehicles, but they can be customized with liveries.

gta online blimp

After unlocking the blimp by completing 10 Nightclub Management missions and purchasing it from Elitas Travel for between $1,190,350 and $895,000, it will become available from Pegasus Lifestyle Management. Players cannot call it in, but blimps can spawn in the following locations in GTA Online:


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  • Los Santos International Airport (2 Locations)
  • Sandy Shores Airfield (2 Locations)
  • Del Perro Beach (3 Locations)
  • Los Santos Sports Complex (ULSA in Richman)

That’s everything there is to know about the Atomic Blimp and how to control it in GTA 5, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Flying this vehicle properly will take time and practice, but the controls are identical to flying helicopters in-game.

GTA 5 Online: How to Unlock the Ruby Necklace During the Cayo Perico Heist

gta ruby necklace

Grand Theft Auto players can access numerous missions and challenges, with GTA Online flaunting some incredibly rewarding heists for fans to complete. The Cayo Perico Heist features a range of valuable targets, but many players still wonder how to unlock the Ruby Necklace during the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA 5.

The Ruby Necklace is randomly selected as a primary target during the Cayo Perico Heist Finale mission, kept in a glass case in the underground vault of El Rubio’s Compound. Players can reset the mission to get a better primary target, but most GTA Online fans prefer going ahead with each target.

While the process of going through numerous primary targets before reaching the Ruby Necklace can feel frustrating, it will definitely be worth the effort. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Ruby Necklace in GTA Online, including how it’s unlocked, where to find it, and how much it’s worth in-game.

Primary Targets in the Cayo Perico Heist

Many GTA Online players love taking on the Cayo Perico Heist, even though it’s been around for quite some time. This heist can be extremely lucrative with the right approaches, whether playing solo or hosting a mission with friends, and players can walk away with millions each time.

el rubio compound

Although players will never end up with the maximum potential profit after each of the crew members gets a cut of the take and fencing fees are paid accordingly, the targets in the Cayo Perico heist are incredibly valuable as is. This Cayo Perico Heist Finale mission grants players one primary target as well as secondary targets such as cash, illegal substances, or art, with the primary target being the most important.

What is the Rarest Primary Target to Get in the Cayo Perico Heist?

The Gold Panther Statue is the rarest and most valuable primary target players can get during the Cayo Perico Heist overall. This statue is a more valuable variant of the classic blue and jeweled Panther Statue, but players only have access to this primary target during very specific limited-time events.


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Apart from select cases where this statue is made available to fans, the classic Panther Statue is the most valuable primary target and is extremely rare to get for players, followed by the Pink Diamond. The Panther Statue has a base value of $1,900,000 when playing in Normal Mode and a value of $2,090,000 in Hard Mode.

How to Unlock the Ruby Necklace in the Cayo Perico Heist

All of the primary targets in the Cayo Perico heist rely on luck or “RNG,” as they appear at random – although more valuable primary targets appear to have lower probabilities. As a result, some players have found far more success in getting the Ruby Necklace as their primary target than others.

ruby necklace 1

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually choose the Ruby Necklace in particular, as with all of the primary targets in the Cayo Perico heist – and for good reasons, since players would simply repeat the most lucrative primary targets while neglecting all others. However, players do have the option to reset the heist for the chance of getting a better primary target on the next try.


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That being said, most players have found that this approach costs too much time, effort, and expenses through prep costs – not to mention the possibility of players getting another less popular primary target on the next try. It’s generally more recommended to go ahead with each of the Cayo Perico heist jobs regardless of the primary target, as players will eventually unlock the Ruby Necklace.

How Much is the Ruby Necklace Worth in the Cayo Perico Heist?

The Ruby Necklace has a relatively low value when compared to some of the other primary targets, such as Bearer Bonds or the Madrazo Files. It’s worth $1,000,000 in Normal Mode and $1,100,00 in Hard Mode, which is still a significant amount of money for any GTA Online player.

Where is the Ruby Necklace in the Cayo Perico Heist?

All of the primary targets during the Cayo Perico heist are held under strict security, each placed in an underground vault within El Rubio’s Compound. The location of El Rubio’s Compound can be seen on the map below.

el rubio

Of course, it will be challenging to get inside the compound, and players can plan for the mission via the screen aboard the Kosatka submarine. Once players gain access to the underground vault, they will be able to steal the Ruby Necklace, which is contained inside a glass case.

That’s everything there is to know about the Ruby Necklace in GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. The Cayo Perico Heist is undeniably tricky for many fans, but managing to get the Ruby Necklace as the primary target will instantly increase the team’s expected profits.

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