How Long Does Fortnite Take to Download on PC? (& How to Speed It Up)

How Long Does Fortnite Take To Download On PC? (& How To Speed It Up)

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Fortnite is still one of the most popular cross-platform battle royale games out there. All your friends are playing it and you are ready to jump in. As you are looking to install it on your PC, let’s see how long will it take for Fortnite to download on your PC and if there is anything you can to do speed up the process.

Fortnite needs approximately an hour to download on “normal” computers. Of course, that depends on the internet speed, the strength of the PC, and the organization of the Fornite files in your library. If you have an insane internet speed, the Fortnite game has approximately 25 GBs of files, more or less, and the download time will decrease to 20 or 30 minutes.

In the rest of the article, we will provide you with more information regarding the Fortnite download, and give you some tips on how to speed up the process.

What Is the Size of Fortnite?

Fortnite is quite a versatile game and in comparison to other popular shooters, Fortnite does not take over that much space on your hard drive. For example, Call of Duty: Warzone, with Modern Warfare game, takes over 150 GBs on PC, and that is without all updates that are periodically occurring every once in a while.

Funnily enough, Fortnite was also tremendous as its shooter competitor and took over around 90 GBs of free hard disc space. The developers took their time to “shrink” or in better words, optimize their games files. The announcement came on Twitter and the fans loved it. The updates were not enormous anymore and each one of them, regardless of the nature of the update, cannot go over 1 GB in file size, with only a few exceptions to this rule.

How Long Does Fortnite Take To Download On PC? (& How To Speed It Up)
Epic Games massively optimized Fortnite’s game files and greatly decreased the game’s size, which everyone praised.

Now, the Fortnite game file’s size can go up to 30 GBs, but that all depends on the battle passes, purchased add-ons and features in-game, and some huge updates. This also meant that the game would perform much better on the gaming platforms and consoles, and the loading speed of the game won’t make you go insane.

Other gaming platforms also got the compressed version of the game that runs great, and the overall performance of Fortnite did not suffer at all after the overhaul. On the contrary, Fortnite ran even better on other gaming consoles.

Epic Games set a great example that AAA modern shooter games do not have to be enormous to be good – take notes Activision.

How Long Does Fortnite Take to Download on PC?

With the compression of the Fortnite game files, consequent better system performance, and just overall improvement of the Fortnite game, people were wondering how long it takes to download the game on a PC. Of course, it all depends, on the Internet speed and the strength and performance of your computer.

Since we know the size of the game, we can provide you with the answer to this question. The download speed heavily depends on your internet speed which is mostly measured in megabits per second. Of course, internet speed is classified as fast internet connection and slow internet connection.

According to Federal Communications Commission, if your Internet connection speed is below 25 megabits per second, you have a slower internet speed – everything above 25 is considered a good, and fast internet connection.

I’m going to make an example of my own current internet connection. By the FCC standards, my internet is quite slow, more specifically 18 Mbps – that means that it will take me much longer to download Fortnite on my computer. We used Omni Calculator for this article and after putting in information and details about my internet download speed, the results concluded this:

How Long Does Fortnite Take To Download On PC? (& How To Speed It Up)

We put the average size of the Fortnite game, at 29 GBs, and put in the internet download speed that was measured by the online engine which clocked my speed at 18 Mbps. The conclusion is that it would take me almost four hours to download the Fortnite game, and that does not include the strength and performance of my computer.

This is still pretty long, but there is still a lot to take into account – maybe some of your family members or others are connected to your WiFi as well, and that is why you are probably clocking low internet speeds. The background programs are most definitely working and you will have to turn off unnecessary ones that are interrupting your PC’s performance.

How to Speed Up Fortnite’s Download Speed?

Of course, there are a few helping tools that are “speeding up” the process of the download, and we will provide you with a few of our tips. First of all, the background programs. Most PC users do not like when they have dozens of programs being turned on during the start-up of the machine, and even when you think they are not running, they still are, or at the least, your machine is keeping it on.

The easiest way to turn off these programs is to access the Task Manager – just click the Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Left Shift+Esc buttons at the same time and the small window with a lot of words will appear. Now you need to recognize which programs are unnecessarily running on your PC. Go to the “Processes” tab, find the unwanted programs, click on them and press “End Task”.

How Long Does Fortnite Take To Download On PC? (& How To Speed It Up)

You will relieve your computer of unnecessary processes and direct the strength of the PC towards download tasks. Another tip is that you need to delete temporary files from your computer. You can do that by going to the “search tab”, and writing this command “%temp%, Windows will find it, click on it and just select all the available files and delete it.

Even though this does not mean much on the larger scale, temporary files historically always cluttered and slowed down computers. Browsers are also “eating up” a lot of your CPU’s performances, which can make some people go insane, but you can easily close down a few surpluses or even close down the whole browser if not needed.

How Long Does Fortnite Take To Download On PC? (& How To Speed It Up)
As you can see from the Task Manager, internet browsers can literally “eat up” most of your PC performance.

“Banish” unwanted and unnecessary culprits connecting to the WiFi, check out your router, and maybe move it to another place to speed up the internet. Finally, reset the internet connection by plugging it out and plugging it in again. The connection will reconnect, and it will make your internet speed better. You can also buy a WiFi extender that increases the number of signals in your home.

These are all reliable tools on how to speed up the download of Fortnite, but the most important thing is to download it from secure websites (Epic Games), have a solid internet speed, preferably above 23 Mbps, and have a solid PC.

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