How to Get a Weapon Repair Kit in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

How to Get a Weapon Repair Kit in Fallout New Vegas

Despite being twelve years old, fans always return to one of the best role-play action-adventure games released by Bethesda Softworks – ‘Fallout: New Vegas‘. This remarkable video game brought us one of the most exciting adventures in the Mojave Desert Wasteland located in Nevada, but it also made us anxious in the battle for survival. As the Courier, we meet many different people, and the communication and solving of their quests reveal so many mysteries and secrets of the post-apocalyptic United States of America. Of course, resources are always scarce in the Wasteland, but there are ways to find them. So how to get a weapon repair kit in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

If your Courier has a high ‘Repair’ skill, they can use the Workbench to create the weapon repair kits. If not, one can find the item across the Mojave Desert, like the lodge in Jacobstown, Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse, and Nipton General Store. If you have completed the Dead Money DLC, you can buy a few from Sierra Madre Vending Machines using the special Sierra Madre chips. Only Gun Runners occasionally have full weapon repair kits, but besides them, the item is not available anywhere.

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ is an incredibly interesting game that one can spend hundreds of hours exploring, but in the end, the Courier needs to survive one way or another, and resources can sometimes be scarce in the Mojave Desert. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

How do you repair armor and weapons in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ is arguably, if not the best game in the Fallout franchise. The way it portrayed the story of the Courier in Mojave Desert Wasteland gave the players the freedom to create their own stories, making it one of the best action-adventure roleplaying games of all time.

This seems like high praise since so many great games have been released in the past decade, but ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ deserves this praise. Of course, besides the roleplaying elements and the story that made this game so good, New Vegas is hard if you don’t have any resources.

How to Get a Weapon Repair Kit in Fallout: New Vegas?
Weapon repair kits are easily available if you craft them from materials on Workbench.

The abandoned buildings remind us of the time before the nuclear disaster and wars that affected the United States of America and are full of items that are needed for the Courier to survive.

Of course, some places have more resources than others, but some factions likely take those, and if the player starts stealing from them, they will get instantly attacked hence why Obsidian presented us with Workbenches where the player can craft various items so they don’t have to risk their lives and waste resources on their enemies.

Life in the Mojave Desert is hard, and strolling through the Wasteland is never safe, so weapons in good condition are important. Of course, this also means that weapons break, and the Courier needs to find ways to repair their weapons.


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‘Fallout: New Vegas’ created an easy, fast solution, but it’s short-term – if the Courier has two identical weapons in their inventory, the option “repair” will appear at the top right corner of the Pipboy. After pressing the “R” button, the Courier will repair the weapon using the other items’ components and upgrade the tool they wanted fixed condition. The same goes for armor as well.

However, besides it being a short-term solution, there is no way the Courier will be able to carry that much equipment – unless the character build is focused on brute strength and alcohol addiction.

Remember, the higher the “Repair” skill, the higher the weapon repair kit usage percentage. So if you’re character build doesn’t involve high “Repair” skill, the item might not even be that useful.

Regardless, players will heavily consider weapon repair kits at one point in the gameplay, which is quite scarce across the Mojave Desert Wasteland. This leads us to an important question – can you buy a weapon repair kit in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

Can you buy weapon repair kits in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

You cannot buy weapon repair kits in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’, but you can find them across the Mojave Desert Wasteland. Here are a few suggestions for where to acquire this valuable item:

  • In Nipton’s General Store, on the bottom of the tipped shelf,
  • In Victor’s Shack, located in Goodsprings,
  • The Courier will receive two weapon repair kits if you complete a side quest for Ranger Jackson in Mojave Outpost.
  • In the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker, located southeast of Camp Forlorn Hope, in the main room,
  • In Jacobstown Lodge, located in Jacobstown, in the last room on down the hall on the right – just before the bathrooms.

However, you can buy the materials to craft the item on the Workbench.

The Courier will need 1 Duct Tape, 1 Scrap Electronics, 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Wonderglue, and 1 Wrench to craft weapon repair kit. The Courier will need to have at least 50 “Repair” skills. With that being said, the materials like these are scattered all over the place and are available to buy from vendors, store owners and even exchange with traveling hunters or caravans.

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ always has alternatives for the players to use since not everyone wants to play as the Courier specialized as the mechanic, so definitely make sure to scavenge for items across the Mojave Desert.

Where to buy weapon repair kits & alternatives?

You can buy weapon repair kits in one place, but only if you own Dead Money DLC. After completing the incredibly scary add-on, the Courier can access Sierra Madre chips and their vending machines.

One can activate the Dead Money DLC mission after following the radio broadcast from the mysterious woman advertising the grand opening gala. After the Courier deals with the mysteries and atrocities of the forgotten city, the character will have leftovers Sierra Madre chips which they can use on Sierra Madre Vending machines in Sierra Madre. More vending machines can be found in the aforementioned Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker.

How to Get a Weapon Repair Kit in Fallout: New Vegas?
Gun Runners are located just south of Freeside and sometimes sell weapon repair kits.

As we already mentioned, more alternatives to acquiring weapon repair kits lie in buying or acquiring materials for crafting the said item and putting points in the “Repair” skill or at least temporarily boosting it with the skill magazine, like “Fixin’ Things.”


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You can sometimes go to Gun Runners and buy completed weapon repair kits, which are only occasionally found in their store, meaning they’re not always available.

The weapon repair kit can be an important item in the ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ game, and if your Courier has a high “Repair” skill, finding materials and crafting the item won’t be an issue. If not, try to find identical weapons and repair the weapons from your Pipboy, and save bottlecaps for vendors and gun sellers, who will rinse you for repairing your tools.

Starfield Beats Skyrim’s “Concurrent Players Record,” but the Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Starfield surpasses Skyrims concurrent player count

Bethesda’s most recent launch of Starfield promised to be the largest in the company’s history, just like the massive game itself. Even though the developers were criticized for some exploration aspects of the game, to put it plainly, lack of things to do on some planets and lack of diversity on the planets in general, the launch did manage to surpass another legendary game from Bethesda’s repertoire, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim turns 12 years old in just a few short months, and around 12 years ago, it registered the peak concurrent players count of 287,411, according to SteamDB. Starfield managed to surpass that number a few times now, as 13 hours ago, the game registered a peak concurrent player count of 330,723 players in the game. 

Starfield playercount

Although the peak seems humble when compared to some other games, it’s important to note that Steam is not the only platform on which the game was released on. Due to lucrative deals, many players instead opted out to try out the game on Microsoft’s Game Pass, so what we’re seeing on Steam is a far cry from the real number of players. 

Starfield also hadn’t managed to dethrone Bethesda’s other giant, Fallout 4. At one point 8 years ago, the game registered an all-time peak of 472,962 concurrent players, as the interest in the game was enormous.

Starfield’s number look humble, at least on Steam, but it’s important to take into account that the franchise is also rather new, and players really don’t know what to expect considering an overwhelming amount of both positive reviews and criticism of some of the game aspect’s that were supposedly overhyped. 


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In any case, we don’t expect Starfield to fall off the radar anytime soon. The developers have announced the release of modding tools, scheduled to launch sometime in 2024. Even in the absence of official modding tools, its modding community is thriving, with thousands of mods already uploaded and ready to improve the game in several aspects that the players found lacking.

One thing that ensures the longevity of most Bethesda games is its modding fanbase, and we have no doubt that Starfield will see some drastic unofficial upgrades in the next several months and, due to them, perhaps even dethrone Fallout 4. 

Are “The Enclave” in Fallout 4? Can You Join Them?

Are “The Enclave” in Fallout 4 Can You Join Them

Fallout lore was always the best part of the franchise, especially when it came to surviving factions of the nuclear warfare that annihilated the whole world. The Great War was pure destruction and death. However, some surviving people decided they had no choice, created their own organizations, and tried to establish suitable government bodies to have some leadership in place. Enclave is a self-proclaimed continuation of the United States that acted as the main governing body in the Wasteland. But something happened that even the government couldn’t get out of. This article will discuss whether you can join ‘the Enclave’ in Fallout 4.

You cannot join Enclave in Fallout 4 because the organization doesn’t exist anymore after the annihilation it suffered over the years. Its final stand was mentioned in the Fallout 3 game when the Lone Wanderer goes and destroys two last installations of the Enclave on the East Coast. There was a brief mention of Enclave in Fallout: New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road, but all in all, towards Fallout 4, Enclave doesn’t exist anymore.

The self-proclaimed government body was shady from the start, and when it showed its true colors, other factions and Wastelanders decided to take manners into their own hands. What happened to the Enclave?

In what Fallout game is the Enclave?

As we already mentioned, the Enclave originates from the deep state entity that was formed of high-ranking military officers, corporate leaders, and politicians. They act for their own goals independently of the state’s political leadership.

In other words, the Enclave originates from the so-called shadow government and made efforts to make themselves rich and secure by the expanse of other politicians and people. After the Great War, the Enclave operated in almost isolation, where they gained vast power and personnel, secluded on the Control Station of the coast of California.

However, the isolation and superiority they enjoyed made the members of the Enclave greedy, xenophobic, and nationalist, making them dispising other people who were settled across the Wasteland.

The Wastelanders were considered pathetic, degenerate mutants who needed to be put down. However, the end of the Enclave starts in the Fallout 2 game, where the group is the main antagonist.

Are “The Enclave” in Fallout 4? Can You Join Them?
The main antagonist of Fallout 2 is the Enclave.

The whole storyline in Fallout 2 follows the Chosen One, the descendant of the Vault Dweller from the first Fallout game, who needs to find a special device called G.E.C.K. that can create thriving communities in post-apocalyptic Wasteland. In their journey, the Chosen One must fight off the Enclave, who decide to use their advanced technology and enslave communities across the United States.

The Chosen One saves the day after destroying the Enclave HQ and saves his village, Arroyo, and imprisoned Vault 13 dwellers, marking the beginning of the end for the Enclave.


Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

Fallout 3 is another game where the Enclave is the main antagonist, this time with the Lone Wanderer trying to find their father, James, and consequently, trying to create a safe environment for the mass production of clean water.

In Fallout 3, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave are in the war. Moreover, the Lone Wanderer encounters the Enclave, who kidnaps them and uses them for their own agenda – Project Purity. The Enclave is trying to accomplish its mission from Fallout 2 and exterminate “abominations,” this time from Capital Wasteland.

Fallout: New Vegas briefly mentions the once-powerful group Fallout Shelter Online and Fallout 76 features the Enclave in a significant role.

Does the Enclave still exist after Fallout 3?

As we already mentioned, Fallout 3 is the game where Lone Wanderer encounters the Enclave and needs to stop them from killing the citizens of Capital Wasteland. In the canon ending (at least it seems like it is), the Lone Wanderer starts Project Purity and sacrifices themselves for the cause.

With that ending, The Enclave’s last two major installations on the East Coast ultimately scaled the war on the Brotherhood of Steel’s side. There are some mentions of the Enclave in Fallout: New Vegas, which is set in Mojave Wasteland, the West Coast of the United States of America.

After the Fallout 3 game, the remaining members of the Enclave mostly integrated into NCR (New California Republic), and those who didn’t were on trial for war crimes.

Are “The Enclave” in Fallout 4? Can You Join Them?
The president of the Enclave in Fallout 2, Dick Richardson.

There is a companion quest in Fallout: New Vegas from Arcade Gannon, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse and the former member of the Enclave. After triggering the quest, Arcade and the Courier need to reunite the old members of the group and persuade them to join either NCR or Ceasar’s Legion in the final battle of Hoover Dam.


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A prototype eyebot ED-E was sent out from the Adams Air Force Base (seen in Fallout 3) before its fall, which can also become Courier’s companion in Fallout: New Vegas. The former Enclave base sent out the bot to Navarro, where the Enclave had fallen decades ago.

There are hints that the remaining members of the Enclave are still scattered all over the Wasteland, but there are so few of them that towards the Fallout 4 and Sole Survivor’s journey, the Enclave is no more. Fallout Shelter Online and Fallout 76 offer players to join the Enclave faction.

Is the Enclave stronger than the Brotherhood of Steel?

At one point in time, the Enclave was really powerful, especially during the Fallout 2 game. They mostly focused on the West Coast of the Wasteland, trying to “clean” everything from foul people who don’t deserve to live there.

Advanced technology and superior gear made the Enclave really powerful. However, when the Chosen One destroyed the Oil Rig in Fallout 2, and the Lone Wanderer helped Brotherhood of Steel and other factions to destroy the last two important bases on the East Coast, BoS became vastly superior to the Enclave.

Are “The Enclave” in Fallout 4? Can You Join Them?
The remaining members of the Enclave in the Mojave Desert in Fallout: New Vegas.

BoS started expanding and getting control of the Capital Wasteland with its enormous collection of energy weapons and armory, making them extremely powerful and influential.

Can you join the Enclave in Fallout 4?

The Enclave is annihilated in Fallout 3, and despite having some surviving members in Fallout: New Vegas, who are mentioned in Fallout 4 as well, the Enclave is no longer in the Commonwealth Wasteland.

With that being said, Sole Survivor cannot join the Enclave because they are simply non-existent at that point in time. Fallout Shelter Online and Fallout 76, set before Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4, offer players the opportunity to join the Enclave. Apart from that situation, the Enclave doesn’t exist after Fallout 3, hence why you cannot join the faction in Fallout 4.

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4 Pros & Cons of Each

The Fallout franchise was always consistent with how it presented its factions and characters in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland of the United States of America. Brotherhood of Steel is “an old” faction that first appeared in Fallout 2 and stayed within the Fallout lore until Fallout 76. Commonwealth Minutemen are a faction that was introduced in Fallout 4, and their storyline clashes with the aforementioned post-war technology-focused paramilitary. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each faction in Fallout 4.

Long-term, and if you consider the game’s story, Minutemen seem like the better faction, strictly from the moral standpoint. Regarding gear, Brotherhood of Steel historically has one of the best weapons and armor, from which the player character can acquire power armor training and amazing energy weapons. However, the BoS faction that values technology over everything is problematic in its own way – more than most notable factions in the Fallout franchise, including the Fallout 4 game.

The pros and cons of picking the best faction for Sole Survivor can be complicated, but Fallout 4 gives the player multiple choices on which path one will choose in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth Wasteland. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Who is the Brotherhood of Steel?

The factions in the Fallout franchise have been quite frequent over the course of several games, each having its own agenda and ways to survive the ruthless post-apocalyptic world.

Some factions and groups were more ruthless than others, and Brotherhood of Steel is the former option – they are ruthless and obsessed with technology. Of course, each game saw different versions of the Brotherhood, but their ways of survival made them sustainable over the course of two hundred years.

Agendas have changed over the years, and the Brotherhood has as well. However, from the beginning, at least when Roger Maxson established the faction after the Great War, the Brotherhood of Steel was a military order with a strict hierarchy and chain of command.

Their mission and vision rely on imperialistic values and are mostly isolated from the rest of the world. However, they are one of the most influential factions in the franchise, and their impact is strongly felt among the U.S. Wasteland.


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Brotherhood soon became pioneers for technology and, consequently, energy weapons and armor. Their scientific research saved many people but also made them some great enemies. In Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Steel faction is led by the last Maxson descendant, Arthur, who becomes the Elder after Brotherhood Outcasts and the remaining faction from the Fallout 3 version of the BoS reunite.

They operate from the Prydwen, a mobile command center and headquarters of the organization that flies across the Boston Airspace. In Fallout 4, Brotherhood of Steel is still one of the most advanced factions in all of the U.S. and holds incredible power against the competition, but what is so good about them? Let’s discuss further.

Pros of joining Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4

Absolutely the best weaponry

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

First of all, from the get-go, the Sole Survivor will realize that energy weapons are arguably the best and most sufficient weapons in Commonwealth Wasteland. Of course, traditional weaponry like rifles, shotguns, or even military gear like assault rifles can be insanely overpowered, but throughout the Fallout franchise, energy weapons always showed superiority among the competition.

Plasma pistols, pulse bombs, and energy rifles can be absolutely bonkers and are how most players will go. Fallout: New Vegas had a whole “shtick” of creating the Courier with the affinity of energy weapons, incredible speech, and intelligence, which would break the game with how overpowered it was at times, and Fallout 4 is pretty close to that.

Yes, you can “build” your Sole Survivor focused on energy weapons and science, but BoS is the best faction to provide you with the best resources.

Power armors

Power Armors are historically important for the Fallout lore. They were first engineered before the Great War by the United States defense contractors, which are considered rare and precious in the Wasteland. Of course, the armor is prevalent among the Brotherhood of Steel group and Enclave, who are technologically superior to other factions.


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Power Armor is unique because it represents the pinnacle of human engineering, and they are so powerful that only a few beings or weapons can destroy them. T-45-powered combat infantry armor is one of the earliest designs, but it’s also incredibly important. Fallout 4 has many variations of the power armor, like T-51b, T-60, and T-65 power armor.

To acquire it in-game, Sole Survivor must join up with the Brotherhood of Steel faction or at least solve their quests to get the power armor training so the player character can equip and use the gear. This is the case in most Fallout games – BoS is the only faction that provides power armor training.

Cool quests

The best parts of the Fallout games are quests that the player character solves to gain access to new gear and determine the story path of the Sole Survivor. Shadow of Steel, The Lost Patrol, and Show No Mercy are quests that will earn Sole Survivor a place among the BoS and access to the game’s best gear.

Brotherhood of Steel is historically one of the most impressive factions in the Wasteland

Now, this is strictly from the story lore standpoint. The aforementioned details of Maxson’s foundation of the faction and the mission to secure technological and scientific inventions are remarkable and have been for hundreds of years. Of course, each Fallout game represents different BoS factions all over the U.S. Wasteland, with some of them being in less favorable positions than others (Fallout: New Vegas).

However, Fallout 4 showcases the power BoS has in the East side of the United States, which is important in the game and ultimately for Sole Survivor’s journey.

Cons of joining Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4

BoS are discriminatory towards other species

After the nuclear warfare that destroyed the United States, the radiation and other factors infested some of the survivors, who turned into numerous species. Super Mutants, ghouls, and synths are new species ‘born’ from humans who needed to find their place in the United States Wasteland, but some of the factions refuse to work with them.


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Of course, the reasoning behind that reluctance stems from fear and blatant discrimination, which Brotherhood of Steel possesses in waves. They want to exterminate feral ghouls, synths, and super mutants from the Wasteland since they think of them as abominations. In a post-apocalyptic world that suffered so much, seeing a faction so against other species is strange, even in the Fallout franchise.

They are using their technological superiority to overpower other factions

Because they hold such power over other factions, especially regarding technological prowess and science, it’s not surprising that BoS is using them to belittle other factions.

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

Also, BoS has that affinity to take away advanced technology from others, which makes them hypocrites in every sense of the way – only BoS can have advanced technology, no one else.

Sole Survivor must destroy the Institute and Railroad factions to fully join BoS

If Sole Survivor joins BoS, they will most likely go against other factions that are fundamentally the opposite of them. The Institute and the Railroad come to mind since they do harness synths and vast technology (only the Insitute in this case), but they also want to destroy anyone in their way, and that includes smaller factions like Minutemen.

There is an ending where your Sole Survivor could strike an alliance between BoS and Minutemen, but that will be discussed later because it’s not applicable in this context.

BoS are ruthless

BoS is an imperialistic paramilitary faction that uses advanced technology to invent medicine and other supplies for the betterment of the Wasteland, but only they can do it, and no one else. Weaponry and armor are exclusive to them, not everyone else, and if someone opposes their will, they will perish.

They are powerful but, in most cases, quite “evil” from a moral standpoint.

What is the Minutemen?

The Commonwealth Minutemen are a volunteer militia who focus on protecting their communities and citizens but also care about the politics of their region.

Their whole purpose stems from the fact that they genuinely care for the people around them but don’t have that much power, especially after the Quincy massacre, which made them weaker.

Sole Survivor meets Minutemen in the Museum of Freedom, where they discover their history, vision, goals, and ultimate mission. Minutemen build settlements and are trying to establish some kind of fortress after losing ‘The Castle’ in South Boston, and are quite ideologically similar to Followers of the Apocalypse in Fallout: New Vegas.

They want peace for everyone, regardless of race, species, and background.

Pros of joining Minutemen in Fallout 4

Minutemen are the first group Sole Survivor meets in Fallout 4

When Sole Survivor starts their journey across the Commonwealth after escaping Vault 111, they will encounter Minutemen fighting off raiders near the Museum of Freedom. The player will have the option to immediately join the Minutemen and will kickstart the main quest line, which mostly revolves around Sole Survivor helping Commonwealth citizens.

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

They are open, will teach about settlements (Preston Garvey), and showcase how the Commonwealth works with many factions existing.

Minutemen are good

As mentioned, Minutemen are ideologically similar to Followers of the Apocalypse in Fallout: New Vegas, who try to make the Commonwealth suitable for everyone living there. They genuinely want the Commonwealth to prosper, including other races and species.


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If Sole Survivor wants to go full “goody two shoes,” they will most likely become one by joining Minutemen and their cause.

Squad reinforcements and artillery strikes

In Fallout: New Vegas, after helping New California Republic troops with their problems, the Courier gets the NCR radio with which they can call for help and reinforcements if the situation calls for it.

In Fallout 4, Minutemen give Sole Survivor the ability to call up the squad reinforcements and artillery strikes, which could prove to be very useful against the enemies. It’s a really cool addition to joining and working with this faction.

Minutemen are neutral throughout the Fallout 4

This is an interesting aspect of the Fallout 4 game because if the player character joins up with Minutemen immediately, they can still create an alliance with other factions and even solve their quests, use their weapons, and more.

Minutemen are all for peace, and if other factions are flexible enough to help the citizens of the Commonwealth, they will ally with them, including BoS – there is a unique ending for that scenario.

Cons of joining Minutemen in Fallout 4

Elimination of the Institute

The Institute has its faults, but it’s against the goodwill of Sole Survivor to eliminate the whole faction for the ultimate completion of the Minutemen ending. Sole Survivor restores the Minutemen to full power, but at what host?

Settlements and crafting

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen in Fallout 4? Pros & Cons of Each

The core of the Fallout franchise is storytelling and meeting great characters along the way. The game’s most “mechanical” aspect revolves around role-playing and solving problems of the Wasteland, tipping the scales in one or new directions. Building settlements isn’t, hence why older Fallout players complained when this was added to Fallout 4.

Minutemen are pioneers in building and protecting settlements, but it gets boring quickly. Most players would rather spend their time exploring the Commonwealth than waste it on building settlements that don’t impact the story.

The weapons and equipment are not as good as the ones from BoS and others

Small militias such as Minutemen have decent resources, but their weapons cannot compare to the likes of BoS and the Institute. They have signature laser muskets, double-barrel shotguns, and more, but these are not as good as energy weapons and other weaponry that BoS have.

Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen – which faction is better?

All in all, Fallout 4 is a huge game. It has a ton of content that some players appreciate more than others, but in the end, Sole Survivor will get its ending the way you want it.

Choosing BoS does have its pros, like weaponry, armor, and influence, but morally, BoS is not the faction you want to join long-term – they use their resources maliciously in more cases than not.

Minutemen is a better faction for players who want to have more options in their playthrough since they are mostly neutral and don’t mind Sole Survivor going to other factions and exploring the Wasteland. They are morally much better than BoS because they want everyone to prosper, the good citizens of the Commonwealth. However, their settlements, weaponry, and armor are what would drive some players away from Minutemen.


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There is an option where the Minutemen, BoS, and the Railroad factions can coexist – if the Sole Survivor doesn’t trigger the ending quests of the aforementioned factions and helps the Minutemen destroy the Institute, the ending will see all three factions working together.

It’s a good compromise at the end of the day – especially for Fallout games.