How to Get Your Weapons Back When You’ve Been Disarmed in Skyrim?

How To Get Your Weapons Back When Youve Been Disarmed in Skyrim

Dragugrs have plenty of shouts at their disposal, and one of them is the incredibly annoying “Disarm” shout. Disarm shout, if directed toward you, can cause you to drop your weapon. It’s not hard to simply pick up your weapon from the ground and re-equip it. The problem lies with the fact that sometimes, our weapon is nowhere to be found. The matter is further complicated if the lost weapon is a rare or otherwise unique weapon that you simply can’t craft again. Due to this common problem, we’ve decided to create this guide. Let’s see how do you get your weapon back after you’ve been disarmed in Skyrim

If you’re having trouble finding your weapon after you’ve been disarmed in Skyrim, try utilizing an alternative light source such as a magelight spell or simply equipping a torch. If you’ve been in disarmed in an area with dense foliage, you can use the “tg” command to disable grass completely. In some cases, your weapon might fall through the floor, and the only thing you can do is reload the save, or if you’re on PC, you can add yourself a weapon through the “additem” command. 

Now that we’ve covered how to retrieve your weapon after it fell to the ground, you can see that matter is not as straightforward as we expected it to be. If you want to see a more detailed analysis of these issues, stay with us and keep reading!

Disarm shout and Draugurs, a lethal combination for your favorite unique weapon 

Crawling through Draugr-infested Nordic ruins is nothing new as far as Skyrim goes. Those types of locations are among the most common in the game, and even if you decide to focus on the main story only, you’re bound to visit at least two of them. The thing with Nordic Ruins is they are populated by Draugrs that can shout, and they can easily utilize those talents against you. 

One of the shouts that Draugrs can use is the Disarm shout, Zun-Haal-Viik, which roughly translates to “weapon,” “hand,” and “defeat.” 

Disarm shout in Skyrim

Disarm shout is not dangerous by itself, but it can have a shock value the moment you realize you’ve lost your sword or ranged weapon in the middle of a fight. It can also be utilized for the purpose of stealing the weapon of your opponent, but Draugrs will never use it in this way. 

Disarm shout affects you only until your reach level 31, meaning that once you become powerful enough, Draugrs will no longer be able to disarm you.  

You can also learn Disarm shout by visiting the Word Walls at the following locations:

  1. Zun (disarm targets up to level 12) – Eldersblood Peak 
  2. Haal (disarm targets up to level 20) – Silverdrift Lair
  3. Viik (disarm targets up to level 30) – Snow Veil Sanctum 

Take note that to acquire the word from Snow Veil Sanctum, you need to start the quest Speaking With Silence, meaning that you need to become invested in the Thieves Guild storyline, which is quite lengthy in nature. 

To use the shout at its full potential, you will naturally need three dragon souls. 

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How to find your weapon after you’ve been disarmed? 

Most of the time, after you’ve been disarmed, your weapon can be found lying a few feet away from you. Finding it is usually super easy if you focus hard enough, but in some cases, there might be other factors at play that make the search more difficult. 

Naturally, most Draugurs you meet are going to be inside Nordic ruins, and those can be quite dark, with the exception of a few brightly lit chambers in the ruin. You can go around this issue by using an alternative light source, such as a torch or magelight spell. Magelight spell is extremely convenient as it doesn’t take away your ability to dual-wield when you’re using it. You do need to, however, raise your alteration magic skill to at least 25 before you think about learning this spell. 

magelight in skyrim
Magelight spell

The second rarer scenario is that your opponent disarms you in an area in which the ground is covered with grass. Grass can make just about anything more difficult to find, but luckily if you’re on PC, there’s a way to go around this. You can use the “tg” command to toggle grass on or off.

weapon lost in foliage
Weapons lost in the grass might be easy to miss

The third scenario is that your weapon fell “through” the world, or in other words, it “glitched out.” In most such cases, it might be impossible to retrieve it. If you’re playing on consoles, there’s only one way to resolve this, and it’s reloading your previous save. If you’ve lost your weapon during a particularly difficult fight, I don’t recommend reloading, especially if the weapon you’ve lost is common and easily replaceable. 

If you’re on PC, in that case, you might have a way out. You can use the “player.additem” command to replace your lost weapon, especially if the weapon is unique. 

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How to avoid being disarmed in Skyrim? 

You can avoid being disarmed in Skyrim by dodging the shout. If you’re directly on the path of the shout as Draugr uses it, move away. You might have a chance to dodge it successfully if you’re far enough. 

You can also sheath your weapon as soon as you notice Draugr using the Disarm shout. This, however, requires impeccable timing, and the strategy might fail more often than not. Lastly, you will become immune to the Disarm shout after level 30. As the last word in the shout, Viik only affects targets up to level 30. 

And that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in more Skyrim-related guides, check out our guide on backstabbing enchantment

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