How to Learn All Enchantments with Commands in Skyrim?

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Enchanting is a powerful skill in Skyrim, allowing players to imbue weapons and armor with magical properties that enhance their effectiveness in combat. However, it can be time-consuming and difficult to learn all of the enchantments in the game through normal gameplay. Most players who are after complete mastery over this skill will at one point try to find the easy way to find all effects available in the game. This is where console commands come in since they are often used to make things easier in the game. Due to that, we’ve decided to use this opportunity to answer one burning question related to commands and enchantments. Is there a way to learn all enchantments with commands in Skyrim? 

You can’t learn all enchantments in Skyrim via console commands. You can add each enchantment one by one, but there isn’t a single command that will add all enchantments simultaneously. There is, however, an option of using a batch file that will execute a series of commands that will add all items to your inventory which you can, in turn, disenchant to learn all enchantments. 

Now that you know that learning all enchantments via console commands is off-limits, it’s time to analyze the rest of our options. If you want to know more about enchanting batch file and how it works, stay with us and keep reading!

Adding enchantments via console commands in Skyrim is far more complicated than it needs to be

No matter whether you’re trying to earn extra money or simply improve your weapons, you’re going to need enchantments. There’s always the most straightforward and legitimate way of simply disenchanting items as you come across different effects. 

This, however, takes time, and it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to learn ALL enchantments. Some enchantments, such as water breathing, are relatively rare but valuable to find due to the enchantment spawning on specific levels, and it’s easy to miss. Some effects, like backstab, are downright impossible to find and can only be added via console commands.

Due to this, many players are taking the easy way out and decide to simply add enchantments via console commands, but soon they figure out that this is not easy either. There isn’t a “player.addenchantment” command that we can utilize, and the process can be quite complicated, especially if you’re new to console commands in Skyrim. 

absorb health enchantment

There are two ways to add enchantments with commands, and we’ve already covered this in detail in one of our past articles, so now we’re going to keep it short. 

You can add enchantments by adding an item with specific enchantment to your inventory and then disenchanting it. Or you can use the more complicated way and add enchantments directly to your items via console commands. As you can see, neither allows you to learn enchantments directly. 

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Is there a convenient way to add all enchantments in Skyrim? 

Even though you can’t add all enchantments in Skyrim via commands, you can utilize a specific batch file to add items with all enchanting effects and then disenchant them. 

We’ve already mentioned that you can learn enchantment by adding an item with specific enchantment, and then all you need to do is disenchant that item. For example, you can use player.additem 000bd811 1 to add a single Elven battleaxe of Consuming to your inventory, and then you can disenchant that axe to learn “absorb health enchantment.” 

You can do this with all items in theory, but the process of typing an “additem” command for every single item would be tiresome and annoying. Luckily this is where batch files come in. 

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How to use batch files to add all enchantments in Skyrim? 

Batch files in Skyrim allow you to execute a large number of commands at the same time without having to type them yourself in the prompt. It’s easy and convenient, and risk-free to a certain extent. You use a batch file to add items with all types of enchantments in the game via a single file and then proceed to disenchant them. Batch files are basically .txt files with numerous rows of individual executable commands. To add all enchantments in Skyrim via a batch file, follow these steps: 

  1. First, you need a batch file. You can download one from Nexus Mods or create one yourself. If you want to save time, you should probably go with the pre-made batch file. However, if you want to find specific enchantments in bulk, you should probably add your own custom-made batch file. 
  2. Once you’ve downloaded (or created) the batch file, drop it into your Skyrim’s main directory. It’s usually the directory where your data folder is, and the path should look like this “D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim
  3. Launch the game.
  4. Open the console by typing “~.”
  5. Type “Bat filename,” for example; if your batch file is named “enchant.txt,” you’re going to type “Bat enchant.txt” without quotations, of course. 
  6. Press enter and wait for commands to execute.
  7. Open your inventory, and you should see a plethora of items. To actually learn those enchantments, you will need to disenchant all those items.

As you can see, you still have to disenchant all those items, and it’s still a somewhat burdensome task, but at least it’s easier than having to type and execute every single command by yourself. You can use batch files to add almost anything in the game “in bulk,” including spells, alchemy ingredients, perks, spells, and shouts.

Skyrim Enchanting Batch File

The sky is the limit. Still, the best experience is always legitimate, and learning enchantments via legitimate ways is the best. If you’re exploring and looting a vast quantity of Nordic dungeons or Dwemer cities, chances are, you’ll come across many enchanted items, and you will get plenty of opportunities to disenchant them. 

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