How to Return Home After Visiting Community Lots in the Sims 4?

how to return home from community lots in sims 4

Sims 4 introduced many new activities your Sims can participate in. Most of them include leaving your home lot and exploring the vast world introduced with the latest installment in the series. We’ve previously covered all the differences between Sims 3 and Sims 4, and one of them is navigating the world in general. Sims 4 is not an open-world game, which makes traveling more constrained and dependent on how well you can manage various functions within the game. Due to that, we’ve decided to create this guide to help you out. Let’s see how do you return to your home lot after visiting community lots in Sims 4? 

You can return home after visiting community lots in Sims 4 by clicking on a small house-shaped icon next to your Sim profile in the bottom right corner of the screen. This icon has “go home” functionality, and by interacting with it, you will be able to leave just about any lot. Alternatively, you can return home by opening the world map navigating to your house, and clicking the car-shaped traveling icon. 

Now that we’ve covered how to return home, there’s plenty more to cover. If you’re interested in more, feel free to continue reading!

How to travel back home from community lots? 

Sims 4 has some amazing social activities, from attending festivals and having a fun night out to going on whole vacations in distant and mysterious lands.  All those activities have one thing in common, your Sim eventually needs to return to its home lot, which you’ve spent hours upon hours customizing, decorating, and organizing. 

Sometimes we’re forced to end the fun earlier due to some unpredicted factors, and sometimes our Sim is simply in need of a shower or meal. Before your moodlets get out of hand and you acquire some nasty debuff capable of destroying your relationship with your friends, it’s best to go home, but how do you do that? 

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There are a few approaches to to “traveling” function in Sims 4, and traveling back home is actually pretty accessible. All you need to do is press the house-shaped icon right next to your Sim’s profile, and your Sim will start traveling home instantly. Since Sims 4 introduced a loading screen during every lot change, expect the loading screen to hit you pretty quickly. To access the “go home” option, you can click on your Sim as well. You will see it among several other Sim-related functions. It works the same as the house-shaped icon.

house shaped go home button in sims 4

The second option to return home can be found on your local (and world) map. If you’ve found yourself in another world or neighborhood, and for some reason, you don’t want to (or can’t) use the “go home” function, you have an alternative: 

  1. Open the map by pressing “M.”
  2. Navigate to your own neighborhood and find your home lot. 
  3. Select your home lot and click on the car-shaped icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It’s a giant icon. You can’t miss it. 
car shaped icon in sims 4

Alternatively, you can organize a means of transport by using your phone and using the “travel” option. By choosing travel, you will basically travel home via map but with extra steps.  

travel function in sims 4

Each time you attempt to travel from one lot to another, you have the option to invite other Sims to follow you. But how do you visit other Sims in their house and community lots? 

How do you visit another Sims house?

Visiting another Sim’s house is fairly simple, and the process is the same as when you’re trying to return home. All you need to do is open the world map and find the house of the Sim you would like to visit. 

The household portrait will let you know whether the Sim you would like to visit is currently on the lot, the greyed Sims are not home currently, but you can still visit the lot, although you will not be able to enter their house (as long as you’re not BFF with the Sim you’re trying to visit).  

greyed sims not currently on the home lot

You can invite other Sims to visit Sim’s residential lots with you. You can likewise invite multiple other Sims to visit your home and hang out with you. 

How to return home from Vacation? 

If you’ve decided to shorten your vacation for any reason and now you’re planning to return home, you will soon notice that while you’re in the destination world, the “go home” icon is absent, and the usual forms of travel won’t work. 

To return home from vacation, you need to use your phone and click the “End vacation” option, which will immediately transport your Sim to its home world and home lot. 

end vacation function in sims 4

As you can see, traveling from the community lot to your home lot is extremely easy; all you need to do is find the “go home” button, and your Sim will start the process automatically. The process is different if you want to bring another Sim home. In that case, you’re going to have to either you the map or the “travel” option on your phone. 

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