How to Switch Between Traps in Fortnite?

How To Switch Between Traps in Fortnite?

Every competitive game is mechanically dependent, especially when it comes to the huge game that is Fortnite. This popular battle royale has so many different strats, tactics, and gear, which are really important to the gameplay. We already know about building and scavenging in Fortnite, but recently, some gamers were confused about one particular game mechanic in Fortnite – switching between traps in Fortnite. This article will discuss how to switch between traps in Fortnite.

If you are playing on a PC, you will need to press your key certified for traps (for example, the “T” button), and while holding the button, press right-click on your mouse to switch between traps. On consoles, specifically for PlayStation and Xbox, press the button for which you use traps, and press L2 for the former and LT for the latter to switch between traps. 

We will discuss this topic more by mentioning what traps do in Fortnite, the best ones, and further explaining the keybindings for switching traps. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

What are traps in Fortnite?

Among dozens of different types of gear, Fortnite included traps in its arsenal. As the name suggests, the device is a type of item whose purpose is to be placed in the environment to hinder the opponents and ultimately help your teammates. 

According to the Fortnite site, traps and devices have two main uses in the Fortnite game – to damage opponents or to aid your allies. Traps can be normally placed by the player and take up an infinite inventory slot, but some of the traps are listed as items.

Of course, when the player stumbles upon them during the game, traps activate and dish out effects to, mostly victims. Players can flee the trap by moving out of it before the effects of the trap activate, and after the usage of the trap, there is a period before the player can use the device again.

Traps are not that useful at first glance, but during the rampant gameplay or a battle with other players, one can step on a sneakily placed trap and ultimately lose the game.

How To Switch Between Traps in Fortnite?
Joystick keybindings for traps – PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

Each trap has its own effects; some are rarer and more exclusive than others – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Here is the list of traps currently available in Fortnite arsenal:

  • Chiller (common) – basically, the trap freezes players’ feet and stops their movement.
  • Damage Trap (uncommon) – probably the most used trap in the game, it deals a huge amount of damage.
  • Poison Dart Trap (Uncommon) – as the name suggests, the trap inflicts poison effects on the victim, which deals DPS.
  • Fire Trap (uncommon) – this trap deals damage and sets on fire close objects.
  • Zapper Trap (Epic) – this trap is actually a throwable item that players can throw at structures and damage enemies behind it.

These are the basic and most important traps in the Fortnite game. Now that we have determined their purpose let’s find out how to switch them efficiently in your inventory during a game.

How to switch between traps on PC in Fortnite?

We can now talk about how to switch traps in Fortnite if you are playing on a PC. Over the years, games changed their key bindings and controlled in-game, and this particular issue confused some of the fans.

To switch between traps on a PC, one needs to hold the key for the traps (most people keybind the button “T”), and select right-click on your mouse. This action will allow you to switch between the traps without opening your inventory in-game.

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Make sure that your “Select trap” button is accessible during gameplay.

How to switch between traps on PS4/PS5 in Fortnite?

Regarding consoles, Fortnite is always a great game to play. First-person shooters were always harder to play on console joysticks; for me, at least, even targeting other enemies posed a difficulty.

However, setting traps should not be a problem for console players. To activate and set traps on the map, the player must hold the square button (the most common keybinding for selecting traps) and press L2.

This way is the most common for setting traps on PlayStation consoles.

How to switch between traps on Xbox in Fortnite?

Finally, we will mention the trap key binding for the Xbox consoles. In this case, the player needs to hold a button that selects the traps and press the LT button of the joystick.

Ultimately, we can only say to enjoy Fortnite and use the traps wisely during the game. Remember, even if traps seem insufficient at the given moment, drop it on the map, and they will be useful. You would be surprised how much traps deal damage in the most unsuspecting moment.

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