How to Take Off Bush in Fortnite? (Or See Through Them)

How To Take Off Bush In Fortnite? (Or See Through Them)

Fortnite is a game that is always fun but gets serious when you get to a higher rank. Players are always competitive, especially if they have something to fight for, and Fortnite is one of the games that offers prestige and the title of the most skilled player on the server. Of course, those come with strategies developed in the game over the years, and one of them was a funny little addition, all the way back at the beginning of this battle royale, a consumable called simply the bush. This article will discuss how to take off the bush in Fortnite or see through them during gameplay.

The only way you can take off bush from your character is to let it take damage from other players during the game. To see through the bushes, you need to go to your settings and disable the option “Anti-Aliasing,” which provides players with a smoother look at their game. When you turn it off, your graphics will look like older Fortnite but will let you spot enemies easier and sooner. 

We will discuss this topic more by answering the purpose of bushes in the Fortnite game, defining the “anti-aliasing” option and why it is important in this context, and concluding this article. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Purpose and controversy of bushes in Fortnite

Before we start, we need to discuss the bushes and their purpose in Fortnite’s gameplay and mention instances when the mechanic became controversial. First, the bush is a consumable item in Fortnite: Battle Royale and was added in Season One. The consumable was added as a joke but soon became something many players started to use. Fortnite always knew its audience and decided to add bushes for the players to have the option to become one.

How is that possible? The consumable would work when players acquire it and apply it to themselves. The character instantly applies a bush on their body and roams around the map with it. The only way for the players to actually become “the bush” is to crouch and wait for other players to come and become their prey. 

Now, you cannot buy the bush in the store or get it as a part of the skin – one of the ways a player can acquire the bush is via Supply Drops. These Legendary Containers carry high-tier weapons, consumables, and materials, and they only spawn high up in the sky, in the middle, or the Eye of the Storm.

How To Take Off Bush In Fortnite? (Or See Through Them)

Of course, you must be careful since many players are looking for that loot, including the famous bushes. Another way of acquiring the bushes is through Chests, located all over the map in Fortnite.

Funnily, the bushes are considered a Legendary Item in the game nowadays and have two Max Stacks and three seconds to use them. The bush will not turn your avatar into the prop and will allow you to do everything normally except let you see with some weapons when you aim down sights, especially with Shotguns, which are “suffering” with this mechanic greatly.

Of course, players will complain – for a good reason. As any consumable that lets you hide and stand in one place for a few minutes in a dynamic game like Fortnite, bushes are not different.

After Epic Games added this, usually part of the environment prop, the bush started getting abused by the newer and less skilled players. Especially in the No Build Mode. The mode does not have a building feature, and the players must think about ways to stay alive and be the last player standing.

However, one of the biggest issues the bush had over the years is its usage by the newer players or just one who does not know how to play otherwise. Every competitive online player despises the “strategy” called “camping.”

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Camping for kills has been an issue since the beginning of FPS online games, which were full of people standing in one place and killing others, showing their inability to play the game, and found a way more people get angry at them. Earlier Call of Duty and Counter-Strike games were “pioneers” for this issue, and even the likes of Warzone and Modern Warfare still has the issue of players campers.

Some players moved to Fortnite because of “rat strats,” the name players call campers, but the issue remains. The bush was a perfect consumable for camping, and some players abused it to the point of other players giving up on Fortnite altogether. However, Fortnite players, together with Epic Games, found a way to finally stop annoying “bush camping and make sure the players have the power to do it themselves. 

Let’s find out in the next section.

How to take off the bush in Fortnite?

Let’s start with the mechanics behind taking off the bush from your character. Of course, besides the issue of campers using bushes for their annoying tactics, some players found it difficult to take off the consumables from their bodies. 

When you apply the bush to your character, you can’t take it off at all, so if you start moving around the map with it, you will look like a bad version of Cpt. McMillan from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game strolling around the post-Chernobyl Pripyat. 

To remove the bush from your body, you need to take damage of some kind, mostly from the opposing players – the effect will be immediate, and your character will be free from the bush.

Besides consumable bushes that annoy some Fortnite players, environmental ones are scattered across the map. These prove a problem since you cannot spot your enemies immediately – players cannot spot enemies in the bushes or even see through them.

To solve the issue, professional players found their way and went through the graphic settings of Fortnite. The battle royale seems kind of “cartooney” and has a “plastic” look ongoing, and professional players realized that those graphics are the real issue with the bushes and Fortnite terrain. 

Specifically, the setting is called “Anti-Aliasing.” 

What is Anti-Aliasing, and how to see through the bushes in Fortnite?

The definition of Anti-Aliasing goes something like this – it smooths the edges of 3D objects in-game. If you increase this setting, it will make the edges look smoother, but it can reduce the performance of your computer. In other words, your frames will drop significantly since the Anti-Aliasing option works on your computer to smooth out the edges, but your gaming experience and quality will “suffer.”

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So, the best way of preventing that issue is to turn off the setting and save yourself the headache. The players who turned it off do not have the dropping frame rates and say that the game looks like the older version of Fortnite, which is not that big of an issue.

Turning off the Anti-Aliasing option will let you see the enemies in the bushes and see through them, which does decrease the value of bushes but increases the pleasure of playing Fornite faster – as it was always meant to be.

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