If You Cancel Pokémon Evolution, Can You Continue It Later? 


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For as long as people remember, evolution has been a major factor in Pokémon games. By evolving your Pokémon partners, you would definitely end up with stronger Pokémon to take on whatever challenges that may come on your journey. However, some people are known to stop their Pokémon during their evolution. Saying that, if you cancel Pokémon evolution, can you continue it later?

Some people worry that Pokémon who stop the evolution process, intentional or not, may prevent the Pokémon from ever evolving. However, trainers can relax because it is still possible to evolve your Pokémon even if you stopped them from evolving. As long as you don’t let your partner hold an Everstone, a Pokémon should be able to evolve later.

A lot of trainers do not know that there’s actually a big reason why a lot of trainers would want their Pokémon to stay in their current form. Also, many trainers do not have access to an Everstone early game and will have to stop their Pokémon mid-evolution. For new trainers, here are some reasons why some trainers want to prevent evolution and how to evolve your Pokémon after stopping the evolution.

Why Would Trainers Want to Stop Evolving Their Pokémon?

Many Pokémon, especially in their baby form, are capable of learning rare moves at a higher level, provided they do not evolve. These moves get carried over to when they are adults, so some trainers would like their Pokémon to remain in their current former a little longer to learn certain moves.

Evolving Pokémon will sometimes prevent the Pokémon from learning a move that they can only learn in the previous form. So, most trainers would usually give their baby Pokémon an Everstone to prevent evolution from happening too soon.

Meanwhile, trainers who do not have an Everstone at their disposal would often stop their Pokémon from evolving mid-evolution. 

How Do You Stop Evolution?

The best way to prevent a Pokémon from evolving is through the use of the Everstone. However, if a player has yet to find the item, the main Pokémon games allow players to cancel evolution as it happens. Once the Pokémon evolution starts on their screen, they can spam the B button on their Switch to cancel the evolution.

However, if the players miss their chance, the Pokémon will continue to evolve. Once a Pokémon has evolved to its next phase, it is impossible for it to revert to its previous phase. Therefore, it’s best to check when a Pokémon is set to evolve in case players don’t want it to evolve.

Luckily, for games like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a player will be informed when the Pokémon is ready to evolve and will be given the option if they want to evolve their Pokémon or not. 


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Is Evolution Still Possible After a Trainer Cancels It?

Players can relax because stopping an evolution doesn’t mean their Pokémon is stuck forever. Their Pokémon partner can still evolve as long as evolution conditions are still met. For example, if a Pokémon evolves at level 30 and its only condition is to reach that level, then your Pokemon will attempt to evolve again in its next level.

For unevolved Pokémon at level 100, Pokémon Sword and Shield added a feature that allows Pokémon to still evolve despite reaching the max level. The trainer simply has to feed their partner a Rare Candy to trigger the Pokémon’s evolution.

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What Is an Everstone?

If you want to keep your Pokémon at a particular stage for an extended period of time, the best way is to obtain an Everstone. This unique item can be held by almost any Pokémon and would normally prevent a Pokémon from evolving, provided the Pokémon is not given an evolution stone.

The Everstone was introduced in Generation 2 games, and aside from preventing an evolution, trainers also use this item in breeding Pokémon. If two Parent Pokémon are holding Everstones, there is a high chance their nature would be passed to the Baby Pokemon.

Are There Pokémon That Do Not Evolve?

Pokémon trainers who are new to the game get a misconception that every Pokémon is capable of evolving. Some Pokémon require different conditions aside from leveling up. Meanwhile, there are also Pokémon that do not belong to a particular evolutionary line. Legendaries are known for not having an evolved form.

Other ordinary Pokémon also do not have an evolution, such as Corsola, Torkoal, and several other Pokémon. However, not being able to evolve doesn’t mean that the Pokémon are weak. Several trainers have included Pokémon who do not belong to an evolutionary line into their team.

What Are Evolution Conditions?

Evolution conditions need to be met in order for a Pokémon to proceed with its evolution. Most of the time, leveling up to a certain number is the most basic and common condition. However, some Pokémon with special conditions, such as Pikachu, need a thunderstone to evolve into a Raichu.

Other samples of evolution conditions include friendship levels and time of day. It’s good to research what type of Pokémon a trainer would want so trainers know what conditions need to be fulfilled to get them.

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