Is Fortnite Fun? Should You Play It?

Is Fortnite Fun? Should You Play It?

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Fortnite is a fun game, even in 2023, and new players should give it a chance. The biggest reason why Fortnite is fun is its content, specifically new updates that constantly balance and add more features. Despite some gamers still thinking Fortnite will die out and is getting boring, the player base numbers are steady as ever. Looting, roaming around the map, and building can be challenging, but there are game modes that new players can play and have fun with.

We will discuss this topic more by mentioning why Fortnite is a fun game and provide you with features and content that get added every two weeks to Fortnite.

Reasons why you should play Fortnite

Fortnite was released in 2017, and since then, the battle royale has become the most-played multiplayer game in the world. With the most players registered in March of 2022, when Fortnite had over 220 million players, Fortnite became the most-played game in the world. Of course, that wasn’t the case all the time, and the game went through a lot to be on top of the gaming world. 

Many critics speculated that Fortnite hype would die out and disappear like other once-popular multiplayer games (Among Us). Still, as always, Fortnite has prevailed.

How? Well, regular new content helped many games for it to stay relevant. 


Regular updates every two weeks helped keep the Fortnite content fresh.

One of the biggest compliments one game studio can get is their care for their game. Of course, anyone would support their very profitable and popular multiplayer game. Still, over the years, we saw many studios “give up” on their games and move on to other projects. Red Dead Online comes to mind first, after being abandoned by Rockstar Games to develop new Grand Theft Auto.

Epic Games have been consistent with its updates, which mostly include game balancing and additions of cool features. Fortnite is very well known for its new skin lines, special events like in-game, virtual concerts of famous singers, and the design of weapons and tools. Of course, some gamers are not very happy about battle passes that need to be purchased for players to actually get special awards. Still, the monetary aspects of multiplayer gaming have been present for years, and Fortnite does it pretty well. 


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Accessibility to various gaming platforms provides more exposure to wider audiences.

One of the best parts of Fortnite is the fact it is incredibly accessible and versatile. From the beginning, Epic Games wanted to make Fortnite easily obtainable to all game bases and not limit itself to only one gaming platform. 

From Nintendo Switch and Playstations 4 and 5 to mobile platforms like iOS and Android, Fortnite is one of the most accessible games on the planet, and it lets players cross-platform play, which is still quite rare in the multiplayer market. Moreover, Fortnite doesn’t require an insanely upgraded PC, an excellent option in today’s gaming.

fortnite 2

Various game modes make Fortnite incredibly diverse.

At first sight, Fortnite seems like a multiplayer game that is one-dimensional – you need to build properly, be a good shooter, and survive last. However, Epic Games added various game modes that allow players to try out their skills in other departments. 

For example, No-Build Mode is great for players (like me) who are not very skillful in building and scavenging materials. If you are good at roaming and shooting people on sight, No-Build Mode is great for players who love Deathmatch mode.

In two accessible Fortnite modes, Battle Royale and No-Build Battle Royale, Fortnite released over forty public modes for players to play. From fast gameplay to slow build modes to play with classic, original weaponry of the past, Fortnite proves that it is truly accessible to anyone – literally.

New players will find Fortnite enjoyable from the get-go. 

This reason is closely connected to the previous one because various game modes provide flexibility and options for new players to learn the game more easily. New players found Fortnite tricky in the past because build mode proved to be too much for new players who didn’t know the basics.

fortnite 3

Zero Build Battle Royale proved to be a success because players first learned how the gameplay works in Fortnite and then transitioned to Build Mode when they were comfortable and started learning the classic Battle Royale. 

This is a great way to ease in the new players in the world of Fortnite. 

Is Fortnite still fun to play?

So, is Fortnite still fun to play? It definitely is. Epic Games releases new content every two weeks to “refreshen” the in-game content and provide the players with the best possible experience.

Fast-paced gameplay and dynamic roaming on the map make Fortnite enjoyable to new players on the get-go, and the fact that every two weeks, there is a chance of a new weapon or tool being introduced makes players excited for the game.

Gaming communities are the hardest communities in the world to please, and Epic Games did a great job of appeasing its audience by listening to their feedback online. Fortnite community on Reddit managed to reach developers of Epic Games multiple times in the past, and the game studio mostly listened to their worries and concerns.


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The fun factor of Fortnite is the biggest advantage Epic Games could offer their players, and they did it in the best possible way.

They identified their dominant focus group, which stayed even after growing up and newer games being released on the gaming market. There are cases with Fortnite players that played immediately after the game’s release and left but eventually came back because of solid balancing and versatility of game modes that offered many options.

Many people have predicted the inevitable fall of Fortnite every year since its release or when another multiplayer game gets released. However, Fortnite is still as popular as ever, and ultimately, a fun game from its release, if not more. Fortnite is still a pretty fun game, and it seems it will stay that way – at least for now.

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