Minecraft Fans Call For Mob Vote To Be Canceled, Petition Already Underway

Minecraft mob vote petitions 2023

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Every year, the Minecraft community holds the so-called “Mob Vote” where players are able to decide what mob they would like to be featured in the game via upcoming updates and content releases in the next few months. Traditionally, the voting is held across three areas: a server on Bedrock Edition, via the Minecraft launcher, and on Minecraft.net. 

This year seems to be special; however, as fans call for the mob vote to end forever, instead, the players deem that all selected and popular mob ideas should be featured in the game. 

The movement gained momentum on social media platforms such as X and Reddit, where numerous players voiced their support for getting rid of the Mob Vote. A petition on Change.org has amassed nearly 162,000 signatures as of October 10, 2023.

According to the petition, certain mobs that lost the vote in past years had unique and intriguing concepts but were overlooked in favor of the winner. While Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, asserts that the Mob Vote losers are not ignored, players argue that the implementation of these rejected mobs has been subpar.

Critics of the Mob Vote also contend that the voting process is flawed and that the game would benefit if all three creatures were introduced each year. They argue that the Mob Vote only serves to generate engagement by dividing the community and leaving promising ideas unused.


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In addition to the petition, players have called for a boycott of Mojang’s games and products until the Mob Vote is scrapped. Some fans have even crafted propaganda-style imagery to express their dissatisfaction with the voting process. Here’s what the petition has to say about the issue.

For years, Minecraft’s yearly update has given players the Mob Vote: the option to vote between three creatures to be added to the yearly update. This year, three equally great options are presented, which reveals a problem with the game’s content release cycle.

The Mob Vote generates engagement by tearing the community apart, leaving fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor, and teasing content that will never be seen in the game. That, mixed with the fact that Mojang somehow releases less content WITH Microsoft’s backing than they did without, means players see minimal content to the game they love, and watch as possibly the one thing to get them to play again is ripped from them.

Many have expressed their discontent with the Mob Vote in the past, with fan favorites like the Moobloom not making it into the game, and with content creators mobilizing their fanbases to vote for the least popular option for the joke of screwing over the other voters. This shows that the mob vote is inherently flawed.

mob vote 2023 penguin crab armadillo
Mob Vote Candidates 2023

New mobs that have been proposed this year are Crabs in Mangrove Swamps that drop Crab Claws and enhance player interactions, Armadillos in warm biomes that drop Armadillo Scutes for crafting wolf armor, and Penguins in Stony Shores that boost boat speed while being slower on land but swift in water. I have to admit. This does seem like a tough choice. 

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