Minecraft Reveals Trial Key and New Hostile Mob “Breeze” Ahead of Upcoming 1.21 Update

the breeze inside trial chambers

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We got a taste of what to expect out of Minecraft 1.21 Update at the live event last month. Even though the update is scheduled to go live sometime in 2024, the Minecraft team has already presented some of the features bound to go live in the future.

By far, the most interesting additions to the game will be the Trial Chamber and a new aggressive mob called Breeze. 

A new block called the Crafter will be introduced in Minecraft 1.21 for crafting items and blocks using redstone. It ejects one crafted item at a time when powered by a redstone pulse, with crafters oriented in any direction. The Crafter has a 3×3 interactable crafting grid with toggleable slots, displaying a preview of the crafted item. 

Multiple players can interact with it simultaneously, and it interacts with other blocks by generating a redstone signal, accepting items from hoppers and droppers, and prioritizing slot filling. 

The Trial Spawner, found in trial chambers, is a variant of Monster Spawners that spawns mobs based on challenge levels. It ejects rewards upon completion, has a cooldown, and cannot be crafted in Survival, it is only found naturally. Trial Spawners are slow to mine and resistant to explosions, and Creative players can set the mob type using Spawn Eggs.


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Trial Chambers are a new Overworld structure in Minecraft for mid-game exploration and combat challenges. Constructed from Copper and Tuff blocks, these chambers vary in size and are commonly found in the deepslate layer underground. The layout of each chamber is procedurally generated and may contain traps, reward chests, and various combat spaces. Supply chests between rooms provide helpful items for navigation, while reward chests guarded by challenges offer high-level enchanted books and equipment (subject to ongoing changes). 

Each Trial Chamber features Trial Spawners with melee, small melee, or ranged categories, spawning randomized mobs specific to the chamber. Some unique rooms may have Trial Spawners that consistently spawn Breezes.

Last but not least is Breeze. The Breeze is a hostile mob that can spawn in certain rooms within trial chambers through Trial Spawners. It moves by leaping around its target, occasionally covering long distances. As an aggressive adversary, the Breeze shoots wind charge projectiles, dealing damage upon direct collision with entities. These projectiles, upon impact with entities or blocks, generate a wind charge, causing a knockback effect on surrounding entities. 

Wind charges also activate specific blocks, including flipping non-iron doors and trapdoors, flipping fence gates, pressing buttons, flipping levers, ringing and swinging bells, and extinguishing lit candles (both standalone and on cake). However, wind bursts have no effect on Iron Doors, Iron Trapdoors, or blocks held in position by a Redstone signal.

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