20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters, Ranked

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

One of the most common aspects of online games is cool additions and customizations that one can add to their avatar and display its best accessories to other players while killing them. Fortnite is one of the best in character design, and over the years, they released many great skins through updates and additions that became really popular.

We saw many great movies, anime, manga, and other fictional media enrich our screens, and Fortnite capitalized on it massively. In this article, we will rank the best Fornite characters. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

20. Renegade Raider

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

We start this list with one of the rarest and coolest OG skins in the Fortnite game. It was released in Season 1 before Fortnite introduced Battle Pass and was available in the Season shop for purchasing after reaching level 20 in the game. It was around 1,200 V-bucks, and the special aspect of the skin lies in its last appearance – more than 1110 days ago.

The skin was available for purchase from October 2017 to December of the same year, and since then, Renegade Raider skin has been rarely seen in the game – when people see it, it’s specially marked and considered a miracle.

19. Arcane Vi

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Who would’ve thought in 2017 that one day we would see League of Legends and Fortnite joining forces in one way or another? Well, as if League of Legends wasn’t global enough, the animated TV series Arcane managed to widespread the popularity of the MOBA even more and present us with LoL characters we have never seen before. Fortnite decided to implement one of the protagonists of the Arcane in their game, and the players could have Vi as their avatar since January 23rd, 2022.

The skin was very popular and true to Arcane’s original character design.

18. Midas

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

One of the most popular Fortnite characters in the last two years is definitely Midas. The character was inspired by king Midas, a Greek myth character who could turn everything he touched into gold. Now, Fortnite Midas looks much cooler, and since its release in 2020, the character has been in the Legendary tier of Outfits in the Fortnite game.

The Legendary aspect of the character has another purpose except for the design – Midas can turn weapons and vehicles into gold. If other players pick up the item after him, the gold effect stays until the end of the game.

A great skin that has various designs and can be customized.

17. Black Knight

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Another Legendary Outfit/character on this list is definitely Black Knight. The character has been in the game since 2017 and, since then, has been a beloved aspect of the Fortnite game.

Black Knight was the first Legendary outfit after the introduction of the Battle Pass, and the character even got a few cool redesigns connected to this list’s previous entry, Midas – Black Knight’s helmet got golden after Midas touched it. The new character was born, Ultima Knight.


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16. Raven

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

We are on a roll with the Legendary characters on this list, and the next we have is Raven. The character was first released in 2018 and, since then, has been redesigned and tinkered with a few times. One of the most popular outfits in the Fortnite game in recent years definitely belongs on this list.

Raven is part of the Nevermore set, and his companion Ravage could definitely find herself on this list.

15. John Wick

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

We continue this Legendary streak with one of the coolest action heroes of the last decade, John Wick. The game first introduced the character in 2019 during the release of John Wick 3, and the players were excited.

We all know how cool and deadly John Wick is in his movies, and adding him to the Fortnite game was a great move from a marketing standpoint. There are two versions of John Wick’s skin available in the game – base skin presents “clean” John Wick, while other versions are essentially the Damaged John Wick. Of course, Legendary skins have special animations implemented in the game, and John Wick is one of them.

14. Deadpool

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

The Merc with a Mouth is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes since his release at the beginning of the 1990s, and the comics and Ryan Reynolds movies prolonged the hype around Marvel’s bad boy.

Two Deadpool movies definitely helped the antihero’s popularity, and Fornite was already familiar with the collaboration with Marvel and their heroes. Deadpool skin was released in 2020, and today is still one of the most popular Fortnite characters in the game.

13. Spider-Man

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Deadpool’s best friend and hero, Spider-Man, is next on this list. Spider-Man has been consistently the most popular Marvel character since his first appearance in the 1960s, and the hero still holds that title. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and his movies enhanced the character’s popularity even more, and Fortnite did not waste any time implementing Peter Parker into the game.

The character has other available designs that are totally cool, and the special quests and challenges allow the player to win more items. No Way Home movie brought us Spider-Man in various designs, and we cannot wait for what Fortnite will present us with in the future.


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12. Black Adam

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

The most recent skin on this list is inspired by the DC’s resident antihero, Black Adam. Warner Brothers marketed the freshly released Black Adam movie a lot, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character, made it to the Fortnite game pretty soon.

More specifically, on October 21st, the Black Adam bundle was released and presented to the players. The skin looks really cool and almost the same as the Black Adam from the movie.

11. Spider-Gwen

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

One of the most popular female superheroes is definitely Spider-Gwen. First introduced in the special comic book event, Spider-Verse, in 2015, Spider-Gwen became a fan favorite, and her popularity increased with the amazing animated film from 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Fortnite released the Spider-Gwen character in the September of this year before the release of the new Spider-Verse animated film. Unfortunately, the movie’s release was postponed, and the fans must wait for the 2023 and 2024 releases. Despite the delay, Spider-Gwen remains one of the coolest Fornite characters in 2022.

10. Naruto

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Shōnen anime and manga’s target audiences are teenagers and young adults, and Naruto was (and still is) one of the biggest media pieces in the last two decades. First manga, then anime became huge worldwide, and since its end in 2014, Naruto manga and anime are still gaining traction and attracting new fans daily.

Fortnite decided to add the famous Naruto and Kakashi bundle to the Fortnite game, and the fans of the series loved it. Fortnite kept the anime and manga style of the characters and eventually added more Naruto characters, like Sasuke, Hinata, and more.

9. Michonne

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Michonne was part of one of the most popular TV shows in the 2010s, The Walking Dead. Killing zombies never gets old, and over the years, Michonne became one of the series’ main characters. Epic Games decided Fortnite needed this badass character and released it as an Epic Outfit in 2020.

Despite being released two years ago, Michonne is one of the coolest characters in the game, even in 2022. Moreover, the last appearance of the skin was more than 500 days ago, and players who have it can be happy to have it.

8. Wolverine

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Marvel made quite an appearance on this list for a good reason. People can slander MCU these days, but comic books are still cool and always a present “force” in other fictional media.

People love Wolverine; regardless of being fans or not, X-Men are too cool of characters to pass on. Wolverine first appeared in 2020 as a part of the Marvel series, and since then, it has been one of the most popular Fortnite skins.

7. Boundless set of skins

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Whatever game is played, the customizing character is one of the best parts of starting your gaming journey. In 2020, Epic Games added a cool feature that did differentiate from other outfits/skins they released over the years – Boundless Set.

Boundless set meant that its ten characters that look like superheroes could be fully customizable to the player’s wishes. The fans welcomed this wholeheartedly; however, some players found ways to make the skin fully affect their gameplay by exposing color schemes and textures.


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Of course, Epic Games acted accordingly and removed the feature of fully black or fully white characters, which would have an unfair advantage over their opponents. This Legendary set of outfits is still popular and cool.

6. Marshmello

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Over the years, Fortnite attracted many music stars to perform during special events – Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Marshmello, whose skin is one of the best in the game. The Marshmello concert was huge when it happened in 2019 and made history as the first-ever Fortnite in-game concert ever.

Over a million people tuned in to the 10-minute spectacle, and Marshmello made history. A Marshmello bundle includes various weapons, tools, and other accessories that are themed after the famous DJ. Of course, the outfit has special effects – it starts glowing if it’s close to music.

5. Lynx

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Lynx came to the Fortnite game in 2018 and, since then, has been one of the best Fortnite skins to date. As previously mentioned, Spider-Man skin has the cool feature of having multiple stages of the outfit, which players can use – Lynx is the same.

There are seven versions of Lynx skin, both civilian and uniform, available for players to acquire. Great skin and it should definitely be on this list.

4. Catalyst

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

We are slowly but surely coming to the best of the best skins, and this entry has a Catalyst. One of the coolest Legendary skins in the game is probably Catalyst, which was part of the Drift set that came out in the summer of 2019.

As the previous entry of this list, Catalyst also has access to various skin versions, including masked and unmasked versions. The character of Catalyst is great and, for that, is included on this list.

3. Demogorgon

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Fortnite loves popular culture references and things that are “hot” simultaneously, and Demogorgon is a creature that most people know by now. The creature that was first introduced in the Stranger Things Netflix TV series got its skin in Fornite, together with Chief Hopper.

Even though the skin seems to like it was released a few months ago, during season four of Stranger Things, this particular character came out in 2019, when season three of the show aired. Even though the skin hasn’t been seen for a very long time, current year made this character once again appear in Fortnite games, and for a good reason.

2. Vegeta

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

One of the most popular anime of the last few decades is definitely the Dragon Ball franchise. The anime characters of Son Goku, Bulma, and others have been part of the Dragon Ball bundle that was released earlier this year in a special update.

Even though Son Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball series, Vegeta was pretty popular with Fortnite players, and it should definitely be on this list. Vegeta has other versions like Super Saiyan and others that attracted the players to acquire this skin.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

20 Most Popular Fortnite Characters Ranked (2022 Update)

Finally, we have one of the biggest collaborations in 2022 – Fortnite x Star Wars. That’s right, in May 2022, Epic Games decided to create special Star Wars skin and tournament that players needed to complete to get fabulous Obi-Wan Kenobi skin.

Fortnite introduced the character during the Obi-Wan Kenobi season one TV series that aired on Disney+ and gained massive popularity in the middle of 2022. The character design looks amazing, and Ewan McGregor’s look of the famous Star Wars character only emphasizes the coolness of this skin. That is why it deserves the first spot on our list.

Rumor: My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki Allegedly Coming to Fortnite

Shoto todoroki skin in my hero academia

If one thing Fortnite is famous for, it’s various skins and cosmetic items that reference some of the most popular fictional characters belonging to history’s most famous franchises. Just a few days ago, Fortnite launched its Chapter 4 Season 4 and included many skins that will certainly pique the interest of players.

Among them was Ahsoka, the star of the recently debuted Disney+ series, and Kado Thorn, a vampire character that will most certainly influence the upcoming Fortnite event under the name ‘Fornitemares.’

Speaking of Ahsoka, LeafsMatrix, who properly predicted that the character would be making its way to Fortnite, had another announcement via X. According to Leaf, a popular character from My Hero Academia manga & anime will soon be joining the stellar cast of anime’s character in this popular Battle Royale game.

Leaf has no idea where the character will arrive, but the rumor is likely to be true considering that Epic Games had such deals in the past. Shoto Todoroki will be yet another character from the popular franchise. In the past, players could acquire All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, and Katsuki Bakugo skins in the game.

The last time My Hero Academia skin dropped, it was accompanied by additional manganime content.


Here Is Why Your Ping Is So High in Fortnite

Shoto Todoroki, son of Endeavor and Rei Todoroki, inherited both fire and ice quirks from his parents, reflected in his hair’s white and red split color. He initially refrained from using his fire powers due to his father’s abusive behavior towards his mother but gradually overcame this reluctance, now effectively wielding both abilities.

Here Is Why Your Ping Is So High in Fortnite

Why Is Your Ping So High in Fortnite

High ping is the stuff of nightmares for gamers. Wanting to relax and play out a couple of matches only for you to never even get the chance to try and win because your ping is high is a type of frustration that’s hard to describe to a non-gamer. So how do you handle it on the fly when it happens? Why is your ping so high in Fortnite?

The most likely reason why you have such high ping in Minecraft is a poor internet connection and network stability. It almost always has nothing to do with the game itself. If you usually don’t experience high ping while playing, the cause might be that someone is sucking up all the bandwidth on your network, so there’s little left for you to play out your Fortnite match in peace.

Although the ladder is the most common reason why someone might run into high ping issues in Fortnite, it certainly isn’t the only reason. I’ll aim to list all the others in the rest of this article, explain how and why high ping affects your gameplay so badly, and explain the practical difference between high ping and low FPS.

Explaining ping

Ping or ms is the time it takes for the command you input to go through and actually play out through the servers. If you have 8 ping, that means that it will take 8 milliseconds for the command you input to go through, whereas if you have 100 ping, it will take 100 milliseconds. Although that isn’t a lot, in a competitive game like Fortnite, having a 100 millisecond command input advantage will make a whole world of difference between winning and losing.


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How it affects your gameplay

Now that we know what ping actually is let’s look at Fortnite as a game and discuss how higher ping will affect your gameplay experience.

I would argue that the two most important things you do in Fortnite are building and shooting things. Building can provide you with a strategic advantage, whereas shooting will win you the game in the end when you’re the last man standing. A large delay in any of those things will set you back a ton.

The first thing to mention is shot registration. The higher your ping, the longer it will take for the server to register your shot command, leading to you missing your enemies and them killing you instead.

In regards to building, you want to build as quickly as possible, but due to the high ping, your edit or build might not be placed properly or at all because the build command you input didn’t reach the servers or didn’t reach it at the right time correctly.

Another common thing you’ll experience with high ping is called rubber banding, but that’s something you’ll experience in any game with high ping, which is where your character keeps going back into place and repeating the same walk command.

Other possible causes of high ping

A common reason for high ping is if you’re playing on a server that’s just too far for your location. To give you an example, If you’re from North America and are playing on a European server, high ping shouldn’t come as a shock to you.

A few more reasons for high ping are if you have multiple processes running in the background while playing, like downloading content, or just having multiple applications that use the internet running.

Nowadays, most of us like to play games on Wifi, but it can cause high ping for some. A wired ethernet connection is far more stable and will make sure that you take some sort of priority when it comes to resource allocation on your home network.

Of course, there are more reasons why someone might have high ping while playing Fortnite, but there are the most common ones, and one of these should be the reason why you’re experiencing it.

FPS vs. ping

Now that we know what ping is, what’s the difference between ping and FPS, and how do they correlate with one another?

Although both affect your gameplay experience, a high FPS will result in smoother and much better visuals. Ping, on the other hand, represents the responsiveness and interaction with game servers.

You can have amazing ping and still feel miserable playing because you have low FPS and vice versa. FPS, or frames per second, as the name suggests, is the number of frames that your device can display and process in one second. If you play with 144 FPS, your computer effectively handles 144 frames per second and every little thing that happens in that one second.

You can see much more details, and your reaction time will be better as a consequence. Although FPS doesn’t affect gameplay much, a player with low FPS will definitely be at a disadvantage over someone with high FPS.

At some point, though, the FPS stops mattering since the differences between the frames aren’t all that visible to the average human eye.


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Checking your ping before going into a game

One way you can stop playing Fortnite with high ping is to check if your ping is high before you go into a game. You’ll have to access the command prompt for this, so let’s see how you can do it:

  1. Press the Windows key + R key. This will open a new window for you.
  2. In the dial box of the newly opened windows, type in ‘cmd’ and press enter.
  3. In the window that you just opened, you will have to type in ‘ping’ followed by your IP address and the -t. It should look something like this ‘ping -t’. Press enter.
  4. Your ping will start popping up under ‘ms’

If you’re using a Mac computer, you will have to go into Applications in your Finder, then go into Utilities, and then Terminal. The Terminal is just another Apple’s own version of a command prompt.

Fortnite: What Is Soft Aim & Can It Get You Banned?

What is soft aim in Fortnite and can you get banned beacuse of it

Hacks in games have been used for decades now as the earliest examples of cheating date back to 1986. Over the years, hacks have only gotten better and their detection harder. Not all hacks are created equally, though. Some are created for players to have more fun, while others give you an unfair advantage over other players. One of the hacks that fall into the second category is the Soft Aim, so what is the Soft Aim in Fortnite specifically, and can you get banned because of it?

Soft Aim in Fortnite is a cheat that helps players aim better. Using the hack will result in more kills overall, but you can’t just mindlessly aim anywhere to get the kill. You still have to work for it. This is what makes the cheat harder to detect. Use of any cheat in a competitive multiplayer game will result in a ban if you get caught and such is the case with Fortnite as well.

Now that you know the answer to what soft aim is and whether it is worth getting it to win more, as a firm believer that cheats will ruin both your and other player’s experience, I want to explain what you can do to get better aim in Fortnite without cheats and get a bit more in-depth about cheats in games like Fortnite in general.

How games recognize hacks

If we’re talking about games in general, many games have anti-cheat systems in place that aim to detect cheats in a player’s system and ban them if the system detects a cheat. However, this system can often get surpassed by other software, so it’s up to the player base to detect if someone might be using a cheat and report it.

This help from the players also helps the cheat systems get better at detecting cheats. Fortnite, specifically, has two anti-cheat systems in place. They use Battle Eye and Easy Anti Cheat.

It’s said that the use of the two anti-cheat systems together has significantly helped players have fewer hackers in their games compared to other games of a similar caliber.

As I’ve said, the community plays an important role in detecting hackers Soft Aim as a hack will be much harder to detect since it doesn’t guarantee that every shot will be a hit; you still have to aim, just not as hard, so it might just be a highly skilled player playing.


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Soft Aim vs. Hard Aim

As the names would suggest, Soft Aim slightly helps with aim, whereas with Hard Aim cheats, it’s blatantly obvious that you’re cheating since the AI in charge of aiming takes over completely, and your movement begins to look too robotic.

Why more and more players are using the hack

As with all competitive games, the main goal of Fortnite is to win naturally. Considering that the game has been around for quite some time, it’s only natural that there are a lot of skilled players around, and to surpass them, you need to invest a significant amount of time to make it happen.

Soft Aim is an easy way to improve your rating and overall score. It all comes down to a desire for rewards and a desire to make yourself known as a good player while unwilling or unable to invest the proper time in order to actually have the needed skills.

Fortnite weapons

Most of the time, players are frustrated that they are performing badly, and instead of investing time to improve, they fall back on quick solutions to bypass skill development and achieve success immediately. It all comes down to psychology, but ultimately players use cheats to win instantly without minimal or zero effort invested.

When it comes to Soft Aim specifically, players often use it because it’s harder to detect than Hard Aim.

Getting better aim without the use of hacks

If you’ve found yourself suffering poor results in Fortnite matches, there are a few ways to improve your aim without resorting to cheating. It will take significantly more effort than just installing aimbots, but you also won’t have to be afraid of getting banned or mocked for using cheats.

The golden rule of just about any skill is a regular practice. Dedicate a portion of time each day to practice your aiming by playing, of course, and improvement is guaranteed. There will be some mean comments in the game, especially if you are particularly bad at aiming, but it’s nothing to worry about. Even the best pro players had bad days and “newbie” days. Do you think they remember every single negative and toxic comment they ever got?


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Focus on the game’s base mechanics; without those, it’s unlikely you will ever advance in the game. Most players that are consistently bad skipped the tutorial and the learning part of the game and went straight to a competitive mentality, you can’t master anything without proper foundations, and this is especially true for aiming.

You should also, when you’re unable to play, watch pro players and their strategies. Watching skilled players’ streams and YouTube videos and observing their strategies, techniques, and decision-making will help you out a lot, especially if you’ve never mastered the basics of the game. They are pro players for a good reason.

Relax and forget about performance anxiety. This is the most crucial advice I can give you. You’re never going to advance in the game if you’re too anxious to make sound and rational decisions. Fortnite is a fun game, first and foremost, and keeping score is nothing to burden yourself with while you’re still learning how to play.

It might sound cliche, but if you’re consistently bad at aiming, chances are you’re not following even the most basic advice you can find online. Relax, practice, master the fundamentals, and watch other, better players, and you will 100 % improve.