15 Reasons Why Minecraft Is So Dangerously Addictive


People who don’t play Minecraft might take one look at Minecraft players and think to themselves that they’re weird. Who would want to spend years playing a game with subpar graphics that doesn’t technically have an end goal or a ranked ladder for PvP? Who would want to spend months planning out builds, take their time to create them, only to leave them after the build is done, and start a new world with an entirely new build?

It’s hard for a player to let go of Minecraft because of a simple thing called addiction. Many will deny it, but it’s true, we’re addicted, and maybe we can stop ourselves and play for 3 hours every other day. Still, we never stop thinking, calculating, and getting better even outside the game, so here are the 15 reasons Minecraft is so dangerously addictive.

1. The Social Aspect

1 MC

Minecraft has hundreds of millions of players worldwide, and it’s easy to find like-minded people who you can play with and share your adventures with. Even though most Minecraft servers cost money, it isn’t a lot, and you can find some that are free to use, so playing with friends in real life is not difficult.

Furthermore, you can join countless popular servers with hundreds of players to experience what they do when creating content, for example. These servers are different from the game itself so that you can play with other people and an entirely different game with various fun-to-follow goals.

2. The community

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When you see an awesome build, Redstone contraption, or an amazing PvP player, you get inspired and say to yourself, ”I can beat that; I can do it better”. The online community of Minecraft is huge and incredibly creative and intelligent and when you see builds like the ones in the photo, you want to do it yourself.


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You want to be better, you want to share your creation with the world, and you want to get as much praise as the next guy. The community encourages creativity, and if you deliver, you’ll get rewarded. Some Minecraft builds are talked about to this day, like the 1hz computer one player made. You want to be a part of that and be like them.

3. You can mod it to your liking

3 MC

What I mean by this is that Minecraft isn’t just one game. The limit of what you can do inside the game is only as big as the player’s imagination because Minecraft allows you to create mods and different lines of code that change how the game acts and feels.

You can even change how Minecraft looks, and to top it all off, you can get your hands on custom maps and mini-games you can play, or you can make them yourself. Minecraft has multiple games in one, so it keeps it interesting even if you never leave it for another game.

4. It’s easy to play

4 MC

Although I’ve proved with many points how Minecraft can be a complicated game, the general premise is simple, and truly anyone can play. You start in a new world and must go through it to defeat the Ender Dragon. It doesn’t require a player with incredible mechanics to be good at it.

We are repeatedly proven how challenging it can be if you make it that way. Take Dream, for example, and his manhunts, where he pulls off the most mechanically incredible outplays, but it’s not a requirement for you to beat the game. It’s just an impressive thing to see.

5. Never stops challenging you

5 MC

Minecraft is updated frequently, and each time, something new is added to the game that you can explore endlessly and use to your advantage to make new builds. This update will bring us a whole new wood type so players can make their builds awesome with a new wood type. Take, for example, the new Deep Dark biome introduced in the 1.19 Wild Update.


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You get a cool new boss that you can fight (but it’s best not to), new blocks that you can use to make incredible builds, various new items that each do something different, and then there’s the aspect of trying to find the deep dark, loot it, and experience it fully. That adrenaline rush I’ve talked about before never goes away

6. There’s something for every type of player

6 MC

Different games exist for different players with different interests. Some players love to battle in PvP, some like to create, and some like to show off that they’re tech-savvy, all of which can be done in Minecraft. If you’re tech-savvy and have great problem-solving skills, the Redstone engineer path might be for you; if you have incredible spatial awareness and are creative, the builder path is for you.

If you think you can beat the game as fast as possible, speedrunning is the way to go, and if you’d like to battle it out in an arena to come out on top, PvP-in is for you. There’s so much more to Minecraft than first meets the eye, and you can test out what you’re good at without ever leaving the game.

7. It’s educational

You might not believe me, but Minecraft is used in classrooms as a study tool. In 2016, it was used in over 10.000 classrooms, and the number could only have grown. But even without the Education Edition, there’s so much to learn.

For example, pandas are an endangered species in the real world mostly because they have a hard time mating. In Minecraft, pandas are the only mob you can breed but have additional criteria for you to breed them, simulating the real-life world. Similarly, bamboo grows insanely fast in the real world, and it’s the fastest-growing plant in Minecraft

8. Time goes by fast

8 MC

You don’t feel the passage of time quite as much when playing. What started as ”I’m going to hop into my world and build a cute base, it’ll take 2 hours” ends up turning into ”I didn’t build my base yet because I had to make a farm for the materials I wanted, so that took a while and then I died, and then I realized I’m out of coal, and I really need glass, but I also needed to get some XP because I need the efficiency enchantment to work faster, so I spent the whole day playing” you see where I’m going with this.


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There are just too many distractions within the game that’ll lure you away from your goal. A day in Minecraft lasts around 20 real-life minutes, which means time is sped up there. Well, time is sped up in real life as well when you’re playing Minecraft since you feel like you’re going to do so much when you hop into the game but a thing that you thought would take 20 minutes to complete ends up taking an hour and a half.

9. The adrenaline rush

9 MC

When I first started my world, I was curious about what I could interact with, what’ll happen, where I might end up, and how my world will look. I didn’t think Minecraft would be scary, and as I went caving, I started hearing weird sounds. My room was dark, and there was nothing but the zombies and me.

Suddenly, a wild creeper appeared, and I was blown into bits. I jumped out of my chair and felt the adrenaline rush through my body. It’s addictive, and a study found that the rush you get from the hormone being released can get people addicted to that feeling.

10. Things can take days to create

10 MC

I said things could take days to create, but that would be the understatement of the century. I’ve been working on a mega-build of my own for months now. Partially, it’s because I’m kind of slow with building and don’t have a clear plan when I’m starting, but the other part of it is that it does take a while to make something, even if you’re playing in creative mode.

Look at any Minecraft content creator who’s built something that went viral. Most of the time, they’ll say that it took months, and it’s hard to pace yourself and know when the last block you placed should be the final one.

11. It Allows you to try and be the best

11 MC

It’s really easy to try and be the best at something in Minecraft. Take speedrunning as an example. If you were to finish the game in under 8 minutes, you would get on the leaderboard,s and you’d likely be praised by the community of millions of players who doesn’t want that type of glory, even if it’s just for a second.

Although the road to being the best at something in Minecraft is paved with a lot of time spent grinding and ironing out your mechanics, the principle is simple. We all know how to beat Minecraft; if we could get fast enough, we’d be famous.

12. Removes the fear of mortality

12 MC

Minecraft is, first and foremost, a survival game, so it gives you that rush without having to fear your own mortality. You can do it repeatedly, and there’s no limit to how many times you can die.

There are barely any repercussions; you might lose some of your stuff that took days to get a handle on, and your XP certainly, but that’s it. The exception can be hardcore Minecraft because you end up losing your entire world if you die even once,e but the only thing to come out of that type of world is rage quitting once you do die.

13. It’s an online game

13 MC

Yes, technically, Minecraft isn’t an online game, but what I mean by stating that it is an online game is that you’ll mostly share your success within the game online. You might play out a world alone and feel like you’ve achieved nothing but take it online, and you’ll receive praise, maybe some constructive criticism, and undeniably hate.

The internet gives a sense of false security, and we feel as if there are no repercussions to what we say and do, especially if we’re talking about a game, so it’s easy to get lost in that.

14. Minecraft content is fun to watch

14 MC

Did you know that Minecraft-related content exceeded 1 trillion views in 2021? I’m not surprised because if YouTube content were only related to Minecraft, you’d still have so much variety in content being produced.


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You’d be able to watch Minecraft-made movies, roleplay, awesome builds being made, weird experiments like Mr. Beast does, and so much more. There’s seemingly no end to how much content can be put out that is related to Minecraft.

15. The game is endlessly fun

15 MC 1

It’s plain and simple, Minecraft gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, and not a lot of games in this day and age provide you with that. Additionally, Minecraft is one of the oldest games that are still popular today, so there’s just so much history and nostalgia packaged into it.

As humans, we tend to live in the past, and Minecraft is the perfect game to do just that, but it’s not that the game is just reminiscent of much simpler times; it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a new player base has emerged and will keep emerging so even if other players leave, a new generation of gamers will come and take their place, experiencing everything the ones in the past have.

Here’s Why Your Minecraft HUD Is Missing & How To Fix It (Java & Bedrock)

Where did the HUD go and how to fix it Minecraft

The HUD in any game is something you probably wouldn’t be able to play without. HUDs are different from game to game, but I can say with some degree of certainty that we’d die without displaying the info it contains. This statement holds true for Minecraft, especially, so why is it that the HUD in Minecraft is missing, and how do you fix it?

There are several reasons why your Minecraft HUD might be missing, but it’s most likely that the game is lagging, and you need to restart the game to make your HUD reappear again. You also might have ‘Show HUD’ disabled in your settings.

Now that we uncovered the most common issue with the HUD disappearing, are there any other situations where the HUD might disappear, but it’s not as easy of a fix to simply restart the game? Why does it happen, and how can you manipulate the HUD to make it disappear when you want to? Let’s learn about it all in the rest of this article.

Importance of HUD in games

To highlight the importance of HUDs in games, we must first define what a HUD is. The abbreviation means ‘Heads up display’ but what does that mean exactly? Another name for a HUD is also a status bar which might make some understand better what it means from the get-go. It’s a method for visually displaying important info to the player.

The origins of HUD have its roots in modern aircraft since pilots use the heads-up display to see extremely important information. To most, the information displayed won’t mean a thing, but to the pilot, it does. Of course, the importance of it in games is greatly diminished since we’re comparing real life to fictional worlds, but you get my point.


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To better understand what HUD actually is, let’s take a look at examples from a few games, including Minecraft:

HUD in games like Minecraft

In a game like Valorant, your mini-map, abilities, enemies, teammates, health, and remaining bullets are all part of your HUD. In a game like League of Legends, the mini-map, abilities, items, stats, health, and mana are all part of your HUD. In Minecraft, you’re hunger bar, health bar, and inventory are all part of the HUD.

Crosshairs are also part of the HUD, but in a game like Minecraft, the F3 menu and your hand and items you hold in your hand are also part of the HUD. The F3 menu only holds for Java Edition since, in Bedrock, the F3 menu is not available. Now that we know more about HUDs in general let’s look at why the HUD might disappear in both Java and Bedrock Edition and how to fix it.

Disappearing HUD in Java Edition

For Java Edition users, a disappearing HUD can be a much easier problem to solve than that of Bedrock Edition. You might simply have the F1 button pressed, which makes the HUD disappear. I use it all the time when taking screenshots of the landscape, and it’s a really useful tool, but if you have no idea that it exists, you might have accidentally pressed it.

If pressing the F1 button didn’t work, you might also try and opt into restarting the launcher. Let’s look at how you can restart your Minecraft Launcher if you’re playing Java Edition Minecraft. This method will not only restart the launcher but also repair it:

  1. Go to your Start Menu and right-click on your Minecraft launcher
  2. Then, select More and Open App Settings.
  3. While in these settings, you’ll want to find the Repair option. Once you’ve clicked on it, you also want to find the Reset option and click on it as well.

If that didn’t work, you could also try and run the game in Administrator mode, or you could try and disable antivirus software for the launcher in case you have it. The Minecraft Launcher comes from a verified publisher and shouldn’t contain any viruses.


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Disappearing HUD in Bedrock Edition

The weirdest instances of the HUD going missing in Bedrock Edition make it so that you can’t see your inventory hot bar, health or hunger bar, your hand, or items you hold in your hand, but you can still somehow access your inventory. Why is this weird? Your inventory is also part of the HUD.

It’s a guaranteed bug when things like this happen, and you need to restart the game. If it’s happening on a server, perhaps restarting it should also help. Let’s take a look at how you’ll restart the game properly:

  1. The premise is similar for all consoles, so I’ll use an Xbox as an example. While you’re in the game, press the Xbox button on your controller to go to the menu.
  2. Then, go to the game you’re currently playing and want to close and click on the menu while hovering over it. The menu button has three horizontal lines drawn on it.
  3. Once you enter the menu, you’ll want to go down to quit and press it. If you open Minecraft now, the game will load as if you’re playing it for the first time after turning on your console.

If restarting the game didn’t help, you might want to go into ‘Video settings’ and find the ‘Hide HUD’ option. If it’s toggled on, make sure you toggle it off.

Here’s Why Your Minecraft Skin Keeps Resetting & How to Solve It

Minecraft Skins resetting

Minecraft doesn’t allow for endless customization when it’s a matter of adding your own personality to the game. It makes up for it because you can do practically anything in the world, but for those that want customization to be more straightforward, you can choose to upload your own skin instead of using one of the defaults. What if there’s a bug and you can’t show your skin off? Why does your Minecraft skin keep resetting, and how do you fix it?

The main reason why your Minecraft skin might keep resetting is that you’re probably offline. If getting online doesn’t help, you might also want to try and reset your skin on Minecraft.net, or you might just have to wait it out because the problem is with skin servers and not you.

Are there ways to completely get around the reasons for skins resetting, and are there any other reasons why it might happen? How long has this issue been a thing, and why does it keep resurfacing as a problem? Let’s explore the answers to all the questions you might have in the rest of this article.

The basics of skin resetting

Before I go into detail about why your skin might keep resetting, I first want to move out of the way the likeliest reason why your skin might not show up in the first place. I do have to say that you might not always be the problem. Sometimes the people you’re playing with are the problem, and they must also change their settings.

In Minecraft, under Options, there’s a ‘Skins’ tab. You can go there and ensure the option to hide skins isn’t toggled on. This is a viable solution to the problem only if your skin never showed in the first place.


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Skins resetting on servers

Usually, we use skins to show them off to our friends and the people on servers. It’s a simple way to be recognized and stay remembered, but often, your skin will reset to the default Steve, Alex, or with newer versions of Minecraft, one of the seven other skins that have been added in 1.19.

The skins keep resetting on servers because everyone on the server is signed into Xbox Live, and when that’s the case, your custom skin can only be used for a limited time before it resets. To make a long story short, whenever you exit the game, it’ll change your skin to the last one you wore before the custom one.

To fix this, you’ll need to delete your cache. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go into your search bar on your desktop and type in temporary files
  2. You’ll then either be able to delete temporary files right from the search bar, or you will be able to enter the temporary internet files and then select the ‘Delete Files’ option.
  3. Deleting your cache on the computer should also delete the Minecraft cache.


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If you are worried about what will happen when you delete your cache, let’s see the potential risks of deleting your cache and how you can do it on a console.

As suggested in the guide on how to delete cached data, this is only temporary data and will not affect your gameplay, nor will it delete your worlds. You can also clear cached data on consoles. I’ll give you an example of how to clear cached data in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Clearing the cache should be the same across all platforms since Bedrock Edition has the option built into the game itself.

  1. Open Minecraft, and in the main menu, go into Settings.
  2. Then, scroll down and head on over to Storage.
  3. Once there, go into Multi Select
  4. Then, click on Cached Data and select all of the resource packs that you found there.
  5. Once you’ve selected all of them, click on Delete, and you’re done

Other players can’t see your skin, but you can

This problem has nothing to do with you and more with the settings of other players. If the players are your friends, you can ask them to change their settings for them to see your skin. If the problem is with other players that are a part of some larger server, likely, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Apart from the option to hide skins, you also have the option to only allow trusted skins. By trusted skins, Minecraft is likely thinking about skins that you bought through their store.

To disable this option, players will have to go into Settings while in Minecraft, go to Profile, and toggle the Only Allow Trusted Skins option off. This will not, in any way, put you at risk of catching a virus r something else entirely.

Disabling the only allow trusted skins option Minecraft

Adding your skin as the default

Minecraft skins resetting isn’t something new. It has been a problem for some ever since the game officially launched. Back then, players used to fix the problem by adding their skin as the default. This means they made the game think their skin is the default, Steve’s or Alex’s.


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They used to do this by changing the resource/texture pack folder, finding the default Steve or Alex skin, and switching it up with your chosen skin. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since you could do this.

How Long Is a Fortnite Match?

How Long is A Fortnite Match

In today’s world, we’re surrounded by shorter content that gets us that dopamine high so that we can get it all over again once we change the channel, so to speak, to get another dopamine high all over again. Besides, the world is getting increasingly fast-paced, and we no longer have as much time to grind out our favorite games. With all these things considered, would you have the time to throw in a quick round of Fortnite, though? How long is a Fortnite match, exactly?

Numerous factors affect how long a Fortnite match is, but on average, you’ll have to set aside an average of 20 minutes for a single game of Fortnite. Of course, this is the time it’ll take you to end the match if you plan on winning or at least want to get close to winning.

So how is one Fortnite match conceived, and is there any way that a match might last longer than that? What was the longest Fortnite match ever, and is there a limit to how long a match can last? Let’s find the answers to these and many other questions in the rest of this article.

The longest Fortnite match

We must mention a few notable matches before getting into the longest Fortnite match in history. In 2020, a new record for the longest Fortnite match was set. It was made by Lazarbeam, an Australian Youtuber and professional gamer who played a match of Fortnite that lasted 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 39 seconds.

After the record was set, the X2Twins beat it quickly, but only by 2 minutes. The record was broken once more shortly after by Creamy and Lachlan, which made the X2Twins try and beat the record again. The record to beat was 10 minutes longer than their first set world record. Crazy enough, they beat the record again by over 30 minutes.

In total, the twins were in a single Fortnite match for 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 48 seconds and there is a chance that this record will never be broken again, but why is that?

Storm sickness

Storm sickness is a mechanic in Fortnite that gives players a debuff. It’s fairly simple to understand. When you enter a storm area, you will begin losing health until you enter a safe zone. The storm area grows and shrinks the playing area. Essentially, it forces the players to end the match early.


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There are 12 phases to the storm, but after the ninth circle, the storm no longer has a grace period nor a shrink time. The storm eye is the safe zone you can be in during the storm. So keeping in mind that eventually, the storm will kill all players in a match, how long will it take for the storm to completely close in and kill all players and end the match prematurely?

The Storm

Maximum Fortnite match duration limit

Well, every storm cycle has a grace period: the time it takes for the storm to start moving and closing in and a shrink time that decreases as you go through the storm cycles.

The storm forms 1 minute after the battle bus reaches its last stop. Let’s round it up and say that the battle bus reaches the last stop in 1 minute. In the first storm cycle, you have a 2-minute grace period and a 2-minute shrink time. The 2nd cycle has a 1-minute 30-second grace and shrink period; the third cycle has a 1-minute 45-second grace period and a 1-minute 30-second shrink period. The 5th, 6th, and 7th cycles all have a 1-minute grace and shrink period. Overall, the storm will completely close in without any storm eye to protect you in a little under 25 minutes. From then on, it’s just a matter of you surviving the storm, but that’s hardly likely.

So the duration limit depends on how fast the storm closes in. The storm duration and how fast it closes in can change as new versions are released. For example, in previous versions, the storm only had nine cycles, and the first cycle grace period was 3 minutes and 20 seconds. I won’t go into all the details, but the match duration will depend on the developers and how they think the game should be balanced regarding playtime.

The shortest Fortnite match

Funnily enough, the shortest Fortnite match lasted only 1 second. Of course, this can’t mean that the match was actually played. Instead, a player named GlitchKing, as his name would suggest, exploited an error that made him win the match after all the other players left.

Match length depends on skill level

This claim might frustrate some people, but that match length will indeed, individually, depend on skill level. Once you’re killed in Fortnite, you won’t respawn and continue playing like in Deathmatch game modes in other games. Once you’re dead, you’ll be presented with the score and your final placement. After that point, you leave the game, so for all you know, in your personal experience, a match can last 5 minutes.


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The better you are at the game, the higher the chance for you to finish first, which means you’ll play the entirety of the match. If not, you’ll play for a shorter amount of time.

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