10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

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Fortnite is still the most popular battle royale game worldwide, and some players are better or worse. The gameplay of Fortnite is dynamic and fast, and each game mode provides the player with a choice to choose the most comfortable gameplay. Build Mode or No Build Mode, each game mode requires special skills, despite the popular belief that Fortnite is an easy game. Fortnite is easy in lower-ranked games, but the games become more difficult when one ranks higher.

Fortnite is a game that needs skills, space awareness, and good timing, especially when it comes to the mechanic side of the game. Nevertheless, some players struggle, and in this article, we will present you with reasons why you are bad at Fortnite and how to fix them. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

10. Stay away from Build Mode

10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

One of the hardest aspects of Fortnite for new gamers is Build Mode and building. This aspect of the game requires players to find resources that are easy to acquire all over the map, but the building itself is tricky. One needs to find a good reason why he is building at all and what’s its purpose. Moreover, the players must find a good spot for the building to provide cover and a vantage point for the enemies. This mechanic is an essential part of the Building Mode, and it will be too hard for you if you are a new player.

In my case, I was just bad at it, and thankfully, Fortnite has another game mode that doesn’t require building at all – No Building Mode. In this mode, players can learn and focus on other aspects of the game, like weapons, loot, scavenging materials, map locations, and more, and grind that mode until they are comfortable doing the building. More experienced players will say that you should jump head-first into Building Mode to learn it faster, but that doesn’t work for some players. Until you learn about the basics of Fortnite gameplay, just stick to No Building Mode, and avoid building for a bit.

9. Go aggressive early game

One of the biggest obstacles newer or passive players receive is the reluctance to play the game with more determination. Fortnite is a dynamic, fast-tempo game that requires players to find good loot and weapons and use them to defeat enemies. Of course, lacking skill and adapting to fast-paced Fortnite requires time, but experienced gamers always suggest going aggressive.


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You might not be the most skillful player in the world, but if you collect loot and materials faster than the next player, that factor could be important for your game at that moment. Having the upper hand over other players will overwhelm the pure skill of the player in many cases, and sometimes even the most passive players can become great players of Fortnite – even for a second.

8. Use a shotgun or assault rifle over snipers for “easy” kills

10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

Everybody has moments when they cannot hit anything, but you need to change your weapons when you genuinely cannot hit anything in your vicinity. Veteran first-person shooter players love snipers and long-range rifles to scope up the enemies from secluded areas and quietly win the game. However, Fortnite isn’t an FPS game but a battle royale that requires different mechanics – weapons and the game’s physics are vastly different.

Shotguns, assault rifles, and other short-range weapons are good choices for players who want to learn to aim in Fortnite. As you can already gather from the article, baby steps are important, and sometimes one needs to realize that shotguns and other DPS weapons are more suitable for them than pure damage sniper rifles—one step at a time.

7. Move all over the map, never camp

Camping has been part of shooting online games for decades, and let me just say it will never die down. However, if you invest many hours in Fortnite and still don’t know the map because of camping, that’s a huge problem.

Now, traditional camping of “staying in the bush and going AFK until I kill someone” is a no-no in Fortnite, and Epic Games did a really good job of preventing that tendency during Fortnite gameplay. However, some players still play with “camping” gameplay really well and would manipulate the game mechanics for their gain immediately. As a player, you should definitely move around the map a lot because your possibility of success will increase marginally. Just don’t camp; it’s not cool.

6. Don’t be afraid of the “Storm”

Battle royale games have a special effect that reduces the safe zone of the map, forcing players to stay inside to zone because if not, they will receive damage if outside of it. Of course, that means being closer to your enemies, and some players use it to go full commando or camper. However, The Storm shouldn’t be an issue for the players because they can use a smaller part of the map and think harder about the tactics and approach of the further gameplay.

When you are in the corner, we think better and more efficiently about any issue in most cases, and gameplay surely fits that factor perfectly. When Storm comes, don’t panic; think about the gameplay and proceed to play.

5. If in groups, always stick together

What is the first rule in horror films when a group visits a haunted house? Never split up, which is the opposite of what we see in those movies. Nevertheless, that aspect should also be applied in Fortnite – don’t split up from your teammates and wander on your own. In most cases, you will be picked and die pretty soon by the enemies.

Stick with your teammates, strategize, and ultimately, find ways to win the game. Trust me. You won’t end up like those teenagers from horror movies – you will live!

4. Pay attention to your surroundings

10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

One of the best pieces of advice you can get for shooter games is map awareness. Fortnite has an enormous map with many obstacles where players can hide and pick you from anywhere. Because of that, you should definitely look for the trajectories of the bullets and movement in your periphery. Trust me; your eyesight is a much better indicator of the enemies than the map. Just look around you and follow any movement.


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3. If in Build Mode, don’t panic build

We already established that building isn’t always the favorite aspect of Fortnite for some players, and that’s totally valid. With everything required to pay attention during Fortnite gameplay, a stray shot or an enemy could lead to a panic building. Sometimes creating an obstacle between an enemy and yourself could lead to your victory, but if you mostly do it in panic, that just won’t work.

Don’t build in panic; just hide, think about what you must do, and proceed to play the game. Sometimes being pragmatic and calm is better than being reactionary in these games.

2. Don’t go to “popular” locations on the map

10 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Fortnite (& How to Fix Them!)

In Fortnite, one gets different maps and locations with each game mode, and sometimes certain locations on the map could be the source of enormous loot. Some include Faulty Splits, Shattered Slabs, and more, and players love detouring to those places. However, anyone who plays Fortnite two times a week will recognize that most players go there and go there for easy kills.


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Yes, loot is important, but still, be very careful in approaching those locations – maybe you will find yourself behind enemy lines.

1. Just play the game

Finally, the best possible way to fix your gameplay is to play Fortnite a lot. Pure gameplay will do wonders for your skills, and you will learn strats and game mechanics that will lead you to better placements in the Fortnite standings.

Even when playing for fun, one needs to polish their skills somehow. Being constantly the first player killed isn’t fun, but more playing will lead to better standings, better results, and a better time playing Fortnite.

In the end, having fun playing video games is the most important thing.

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