Skyrim on Console vs. PC: Which Version Should You Get?

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Skyrim is a massive and immersive open-world game that has captivated players since its release in 2011. With its stunning visuals, compelling storylines, and vast gameplay options, Skyrim has become a classic in the gaming world. However, many players are left wondering which version to choose with the game available on both console and PC. While both versions have their strengths and weaknesses, there are several factors to consider when deciding which one is right for you. Due to that, we’ve decided to use this opportunity to give you a straightforward answer to an age-old question is Skyrim on Console better than Skyrim on PC, and which version should you get ultimately?

Skyrim on PC is better than Skyrim on consoles, and if you have the opportunity, this is the version you should get. It all comes down to differences in performance, graphics, and access to mods. With Skyrim now available on the latest-gen consoles, the differences are minimal. Still, overall the smoothest experience of playing Skyrim is available on PC. Additionally, the game is far more customizable on PC than it is on consoles.

Now that we’ve covered which version of Skyrim is better, it’s time to explain our answer in a few more detail. If you’re interested in why and need more arguments before you make that purchase, stay with us and keep reading!

When it comes to Skyrim, mods make all the difference

One of the primary reasons why Bethesda games have stood the test of time is their dedicated modding community. From simple bug fixes to massive graphical overhauls, Skyrim players have access to an endless supply of user-created content that can enhance their gaming experience.However, while console players now have access to mods through the release of Skyrim Special Edition, there are still limitations compared to PC, particularly on the PlayStation platform. PlayStation players must be aware that they cannot use any third-party assets in their mods and are restricted to only using assets from the original game.

Thomas the tank engine mod

Additionally, there is a strict limit on the number of mods that can be installed, with a cap of 100 mods and a maximum allocated space of only 1GB. Although mods on PlayStation are typically smaller due to the absence of third-party assets, it is still possible to exceed this limit.

The Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X also have modding limitations, although they are less strict than those of the PlayStation. Players on Xbox can have up to 150 mods installed simultaneously, with a maximum allocated space of 5GB. However, even with this more liberal approach, players are still limited in their modding capabilities.

On the PC platform, there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to modding Skyrim. Players have complete freedom to use third-party assets and mods of any size. This allows for a greater range of modding possibilities and opens up a world of creative potential for players to explore.
In conclusion, while console players can enjoy mods in Skyrim, they are subject to certain limitations, particularly on the PlayStation platform. Those passionate about modding may find the PC version the best option, as it provides the greatest freedom and flexibility when it comes to enhancing their gameplay experience.


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Graphics are better on PC, and you should generally expect smoother performance

Over the years, there have been several re-releases of Skyrim, with improved graphics and performance on both consoles and PC. However, even with these improvements, PC still offers a smoother and more flexible experience. With third-party mods, PC players can drastically improve the graphics, offering an unparalleled level of visual fidelity.

skyrim screenshots location

Although graphics mods are also available on consoles, the aforementioned limitations prevent them from being as impactful as their PC counterparts. Due to hardware constraints, console players are limited in the level of graphical improvements they can achieve. In fact, many of the most impressive graphics mods available on PC would simply be too much for consoles to handle. That being said, graphics quality on PC is still dependent on the hardware used, and players using older systems may experience performance issues. However, even with this consideration, a mid-tier PC still outperforms consoles with fewer limitations.

You can’t use console commands on consoles

Console commands in Skyrim aren’t just for those who want to cheat their way through the game. They can also be incredibly useful for players who want to modify their experience in different ways. While it’s true that many players use console commands to become invincible, add endless amounts of gold to their inventory, or add enchantments, these commands can also be a lifesaver when it comes to repairing bugs in the game.

In addition to bug fixes, console commands can also be used to modify the game’s user interface and customize characters in unique ways. Unfortunately, console commands are only available on PC, meaning that console players are out of luck when it comes to accessing them. This limitation can be frustrating for players who want to tweak their experience but don’t have access to the full range of tools available on PC.

Of course, it’s worth noting that console commands aren’t foolproof. They can sometimes break the game or cause irreversible changes, so it’s important to use them with caution. However, the fact that they’re available to PC players at all is a major advantage, giving them the ability to tailor their experience to their liking in a way that console players simply can’t match. For those who want the freedom to truly customize their Skyrim experience, PC is the way to go.


One thing that consoles have going for them is the stability of the game

When it comes to stability, there’s no question that console versions of Skyrim have a major advantage over their PC counterparts. While console commands and modding can provide PC players with incredible customization, they can also make the game extremely volatile and prone to crashes. This is not to say that console versions of Skyrim never crash, but rather that the PC version tends to be less stable overall due to players’ modifications.

There’s nothing more frustrating than launching Skyrim on PC only to have it crash immediately. This can lead to a lengthy diagnostic process as players try to determine what went wrong and how to fix it. For those who prioritize game stability over customization potential, consoles are definitely the way to go. With fewer modifications and commands available, console versions of Skyrim tend to be much more stable and reliable.

Ultimately, the choice between a console and PC comes down to personal preference and priorities. For those who value customization and are willing to put in the effort to troubleshoot potential issues, a PC may be the better choice. Consoles may be the way to go for those who want a more reliable and straightforward gaming experience.

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