Terraria Update 1.35 Brings Minor Fixes, Details About Version 1.45 Revealed

Terraria bits

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Despite being released back in 2011, Terraria is still actively worked on polishing all the minor details and bugs that affect the quality of gameplay and experience. The most recent update, 1.35, was released and brought several technical solutions to some new and long-standing issues. The latest updates addressed primarily the issues that have been plaguing console and mobile users for quite some time now. 

PlayStation 4 users experienced game freezes during play, which has now been resolved. Xbox players encountering problems accessing old save data after updating to version should no longer face this issue. Some PlayStation players were facing map exploration progress resets between sessions, but this has been fixed. 

Additionally, various crashes were addressed, including a Mouse and Keyboard multiplayer crash related to holding a chest’s item while moving away, a crash when attempting to fill an inventory slot with a duplicated item, and crashes in Split Screen scenarios during specific actions, such as saving and quitting or interacting with chests. These fixes aim to enhance overall gameplay stability across different platforms.


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You can read more about the latest updates on Terraria’s forum. If this update lacks content for you, you will be happy to find out that another major update is in the works. In the upcoming Terraria 1.4.5 update, players can expect exciting additions, including a new fairy pet named Cen-Axe, inspired by a playful feud between the game’s creator and his wife. You can also expect to see mud balls, serving as both a weapon and a building tool. Players can hurl mud balls at opponents, dealing minimal damage while also placing mud blocks where they land, offering strategic possibilities for combat and base construction. 

Terraria new pet

The update is progressing well, the devs revealed in their latest Terraria State of the Game post

In any case, Terraria updates rarely disappoint, and the community already expects to embark on exciting new journeys to discover new additions to the world. 

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