Upcoming ‘Diablo 4’ Update Aims to Bring Quality of Life Improvements to Mounts

Upcoming Diablo 4 Update Aims To Bring Quality of Life Improvements to Mounts

The recent Season 1 release for ‘Diablo 4‘ didn’t go down well with the fans, and the much-needed fixes are currently on the way, including numerous buffs and changes created to balance the gameplay and address the issues that caused the game to be review-bombed. 

In the aftermath of the much-hated patch, the devs revealed that some other small but highly-welcomed changes will be introduced related to mounts. 

‘Diablo 4’ features a vast open world, and traversing it might be difficult in some situations, even with horses. The players have neem complaining for quite some time that the amount of instances where you need to dismount is too high, and the cooldown for mounting your horse again is too long. 

Any type of combat situation and the barricade is bound to force you off your horse. Even if the encounter lasts for a mere second, you will not be able to get on your horse swiftly to continue with your adventures. 

The devs decided to address this, and the confirmation arrived mounts will be improved upon, well at least the mechanics related to them. 

The fans can look forward to horses now being able to charge through the barriers and other smaller obstacles. You will not be expected to dismount to pass through annoying and inconvenient barriers. Horses will also ride a lot smoother and will not become stuck on every single skeleton corpse you encounter along the way. The cooldown to mount your horse again will not apply if you’ve dismounted your horse to climb up or down a cliff. 


Diablo IV Future Plans Include 2 Expansion Packs Already

It doesn’t appear like the most annoying horse-related mechanic, the cooldown itself, is going away any time soon, however. It makes sense, considering that if the cooldown was non-existent, players would easily be able to de-aggro mobs in the vicinity and escape them by merely mounting the horse. 

The cooldown most likely stays, but the smaller improvements will, in any case, make riding a lot more bearable.

Blizzard Confirms Patch 1.1.4 for ‘Diablo 4’ More News About Season 2 To Follow

Blizzard Confirms Patch 1.1.4 for Diablo 4 More News About Season 2 To Follow

Recently, Season 2 of Diablo 4 has been announced, aptly titled ‘Season of Blood.’ During the same Gamescom presentation, it was also revealed that the season will be released on October 17, along with plenty of new content and quality-of-life updates.

Blizzard has recently released Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3, and fans can now anticipate another update, patch 1.1.4, ahead of the game’s second season launch next month, as confirmed by Blizzard’s community director, Adam Fletcher, on Twitter.

It’s unknown what the update will entail, but we’re likely getting more info soon.

In the upcoming ‘Season of Blood,’ players can expect a new Questline, Vampiric Powers to wield, and the addition of 5 endgame bosses capable of dropping specific Unique items. The update also includes community-requested quality-of-life improvements, such as more efficient Gem management, the carryover of Paragon Points, Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Obol capacity upgrades into new seasons, and changes to the functionality of status effects like Vulnerable, Overpower, Critical Strike Damage, and Elemental Resistances. These updates will be available in both Seasonal and Eternal Realms for players to enjoy.


Diablo IV Future Plans Include 2 Expansion Packs Already

More news about the upcoming season will be released as October 17 is getting nearer. In the meantime, you can check out the announcement.

Diablo IV Hotfix Released Following Fan Backlash and Dev Apology’ We Know It Is Bad. We Know It Is Not Fun’

Diablo IV first big patch

Highly anticipated Diablo IV Season 1 was released just a few days ago, and it has raised concerns among fans regarding the gameplay and balance quality.

Following the disastrously nerfed damage, a hotfix was released to address most of the issues that the plays had with the game.

Hotfix reduced enemy power in higher-tier Nightmare Dungeons, responding to concerns from players about changes to their characters’ performance in endgame content. The reductions range from 2% health and 1% damage at the lowest tier to 82% health and 79% damage reduction at tier 100.

Bug fixes for the Necromancer and Druid classes have been included, along with potential improvements to loot drop rates and quality. Guides are available to help players optimize gameplay and master Nightmare Dungeons during Season 1.

During recent ‘Campfire Chat,’ devs addressed the criticism and revealed that they don’t plan to do a patch like this ever again.

“We want to acknowledge everyone’s feedback in regard to reducing player power. We know it is bad. We know it is not fun… We also want to talk about what we were trying to achieve specifically with this patch and with the changes that players ended up seeing. “


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The development team committed to publishing future hotfixes and patches in advance and leaving some builds overpowered until effective alternates can be implemented. However, there was no commitment to rolling back the current patch.

Big balance shifts will occur predictably, like at the start of a season, with quick fixes for introduced bugs. The Diablo 4 subreddit is filled with anger from players, and suggestions for improvements are being made, including humorous responses and challenges to the developers. Some other players decided to instead review-bomb the game. Let’s hope that the upcoming patches run more smoothly.

Diablo IV Season 1 Coming Mid to Late July – Battle Pass Details Announced

Diablo IV Season 1 Coming Mid to Late July Battle Pass details announced

Following the release of Diablo IV last month, we finally have a solid clue on what to expect when it comes to post-launch content. 

In a recent post made by Blizzard, it was announced that the first Season will arrive somewhere between mid and late July. 

Seasons in the Diablo game series are quarterly updates that bring new gameplay features, quests, Battle Passes, Legendary Items, class balance changes, and quality-of-life improvements. 

They aim to introduce fresh concepts and ideas to enhance the gaming experience for players. To participate in Season 1, all existing players will have to complete the campaign. 

The Season Journey provides players with information on new content and helps them level up their Battle Pass by completing chapters with specific objectives. Achieving all objectives in a chapter grants seasonal rewards, including Crafting Materials and Legendary Aspects for the Codex of Power. Additionally, players can earn Favor, the resource for advancing through Battle Pass tiers, by completing quests, defeating monsters, participating in events, and other activities.


Blizzard Reveals Most Played Diablo IV Class So Far – And Its Sorcerer

And when it comes to Battle Pass, more information has been revealed, and players do know what to expect from the rewards program. 

Each season introduces a new Battle Pass offering 27 Free Tiers and 63 Premium Tiers, allowing players to earn rewards. By slaying demons, players can earn Cosmetics and Smoldering Ashes, which can be spent on Season Blessings for XP, Gold, or Obols bonuses. Upgrading the bonuses requires additional Ashes. 

Premium Tiers of the Battle Pass, unlocked by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass with Platinum, provide unique Cosmetics and Platinum currency that can be used in the Shop or toward future Battle Passes. There are three versions available: the Free Battle Pass, Premium Battle Pass for 1,000 Platinum, and Accelerated Battle Pass for 2,800 Platinum, which includes extra perks and Tier Skips.

You can find more information on Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream, but according to everything we do know so far, it’s bound to be one exciting season.