Why Does Fortnite Have So Many Updates?

Why Does Fortnite Have So Many Updates?

Gamers are a nitpicky community who want their games to be mostly flawless for them to enjoy them wholeheartedly. Fortnite is one of the rare popular online shooters that appreciates its community’s suggestions, complaints, and wishes for new season content. However, some fans cannot get over the fact that Fortnite updates take too long to download and the constant “need” for new updates. In this article, we will discuss why Fortnite has so many updates.

Fortnite has so many updates because Epic Games are constantly adding new content to the game. Online games can never stay relevant if they’re not updated at least once every month – the competition is tough, and only a few games “stay alive.” Fortnite updates include new accessories, season stories, goals, maps, balancing weapons, and more. 

We will discuss this topic more, analyze what Fortnite updates include, and ultimately conclude if there needs to be that. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

What is included in Fortnite updates?

Updates are one of the things that gamers are not very fond of, especially if they are huge and very common. Imagine logging into the game and wanting to play it until you see a huge update that makes you lose your mind. From personal experience, seasonal updates are the worst, even though they are essentially adding so many new features to the game.

Destiny 2 comes first to mind – I returned to the game after a few months and needed to download an update with 45 GB of files. It included a whole new season, and let me say that it was not a pleasant experience for my internet connection which was already questionable. Now, imagine having updates every Tuesday, every single week.

Why Does Fortnite Have So Many Updates?
Patches and updates are happening weekly in Fortnite.

Fortnite has had weekly updates every Tuesday since its release. Each update has patch notes on what update was added to the game. For example, this next list will include patch notes of the recent huge update that included the Fortnite x DragonBall crossover – the patch was 1.6 GB in size.

  • General
  • Cosmetics
  • Dragonball Super x Fortnite
  • Bug Fixes

Some patches can be much bigger, especially if the game requires a whole overhaul or a new season. There are several game modes in Fortnite – Save the World, Battle Royale, No-Build Mode, and Creative Mode. Each mode needs special updates for them to work, and the developers need to ensure that all modes are up to date and relevant for the players to play.

I play No-Build mode, which requires only looting and fighting against the opposing players. However, the weapons and secondary gear like grenades and harvesting tools need balancing for the gameplay to be immersive and entertaining.

Character avatars, skins for rifles and guns, and cool animations are also appealing to the players and need updating every time.

Why does Fortnite have so many updates?

So, why does Fortnite have so many updates? Well, for a really good reason. Online games were always regarded differently from story-driven single-player games. Yes, the games like Fallout have thousand of available mods that are being created and released by the community every day, but the developers do not release them – they were fanmade.

Online games are ongoing titles that need updating every once in a while. Games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and more, are updated periodically depending on the game. There are always issues or bugs that require a good update. For example, one League of Legends champion had a bug in its animation for months until Riot Games finally resolved it a few weeks ago.

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The bug seemed minor, but it influenced the players’ games tremendously, mostly ruining them. Fortnite is the same in that regard – the game updates so much content every week because they do not always work very well for some players. Epic Games did an amazing job listening to its community and adding the suggestions the fans make every once in a while.

They know their player base is mostly a bit younger, but with the addition of cool Naruto or Dragon Ball character avatars, maybe some older gamers will get appealed by the nostalgia or just their love for the anime.

Why Does Fortnite Have So Many Updates?

There is a problem with a certain assault rifle that is too overpowered and is an instant win for the players that have it – don’t worry, Epic Games will listen to your suggestions and fix your issues. Of course, they are not flawless, but at least they care enough about the game to update and add new content every week.

Even though Fortnite was an instant hit when it was first released, many skeptics predicted that this battle royale game would not withstand its relevancy for more than a year. Epic Games made sure that didn’t happen, and since 2017, Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in the world.

The constant, weekly updates and loyal community made Fortnite relevant to this day, and because of that, we should be happy that the game we play is still regularly updated. Hopefully, it continues that way.

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